Best Disney Shoes For Women (+ The Most Comfortable) 2024

Magic Kingdom where you'll need the best Disney shoes for women

Going to Disney theme parks is fun, exciting, and exhausting. However, many guests spend 8-12 hours at the parks on their feet most of the time. Therefore, you need comfortable walking shoes for long days. Since having kids, I developed into a bit of a Disney fanatic and we’ve gone numerous years in the last few years. I’m excited to share with you my favorite shoes for a long, but magical day at the parks.

I’m a high school teacher and spend most of my day on my feet. I cannot wear cheap and flimsy shoes, or my feet throb with pain. I spent years experimenting with shoes to make it through a long school day. I even prefer comfortable shoes when traveling due to a lot of walking. Below are my recommendations for the best shoes based off years of experimenting and first hand knowledge. 

Pro tip: If you purchase new shoes for your trip, wear them around the house and town before you go to Disney. You must ensure they will be the most comfortable shoes on your feet for a long day. 

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Brooks are the best shoes for Disney

Best Disney Shoes For Women

 When we think of Disney-themed shoes, kids’ sizes come to mind. However, adults love Disney just as much, so more companies are designing products for adults. You can find shoes with Tinker Bell prints, Minnie Mouse, or a Mickey Mouse design.


Natives are one of my favorite kid shoes, especially when they are tiny and can’t tie shoes. In particular, you’ll want to check out Native Shoes’ Jefferson lightweight sneakers. Now that they offer adult sizes, the same perks apply.

First, they easily slide on and come in fun, colorful prints. They currently have a Disney collection so that you can match them with their little ones. For instance, there’s an adorable Minnie Mouse print.

Secondly, they are waterproof and would be perfect for a rainy day. Lastly, they are easy to clean with a magic eraser. 

Price Point: $65

Minnie print natives are some of the best Disney shoes for women

Disney Brand

Disney Brand sells Minnie and Mickey-themed adult-sized slides. I like this option because it is dark, hides dirt, and has a fun design. Secondly, I like these because you can wear them in all seasons. They are the perfect pair of Disney shoes and Disney brand merch.

Price Point: $43-53

Disney Brand also sells trendy lace up designs with iconic Disney prints. They run a little higher starting at $80.

visiting Chef mickey wearing the most comfortable shoes at Disney


If you find flip-flops comfortable, Havaianas sells super cute Disney-themed flip-flops. You can choose between simpler designs or busy patterns. You can find some prints with your favorite characters. 

You may want more support, so these would be good for the resort pool or walking around Disney Springs.

Price Point: $34

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Most Comfortable Shoes To Wear To Disney For Women


Brooks tennis shoes are my go-to when it comes time to buy them. I love the cushioning and how the shoe hugs my feet (not tight). it is the perfect shoe for a long day at the Disney theme parks. 

The shoes vary in color and design. You can choose more muted colors or be adventurous. My current Brooks has a streak of hot pink!

Amazon always runs promotions on Brooks, especially on discounted styles. Once you know your size, you can save $$ by buying the older styles and colors. Plus, Amazon offers free shipping on so many. They are also great shoes for men too!

Price Point: $100-160

Brooks are my favorite shoes for a long day at Disney World

New Balance

New Balance is another great option for comfort. Some types are simple and slip-on, while other styles are more trendy. I’ve owned several pairs of New Balance, which are very comfortable. It is the perfect pair to experience Disney magic. 

Also, if you are on a budget, there are many great ways to find discounted New Balance shoes- Amazon, Joe’s New Balance, or even a New Balance outlet store. Lastly, I do love New Balance for my kids too.

Price Point: $65-90

New Balance sneakers provide great comfort for a long day at Disney


For those travelers who prefer sandals, Birkenstock is a good option. There are several styles to choose from with and without the toe covering or some cute designs with larger buckles.

As a side note, do not wear these for the first time at the parks. Birkenstocks mold to your feet, and you must wear them before spending a long day exploring Magic Kingdom or Disneyland. 

Price Point $80-$120

Birkenstock also sells a rubber version of their classic shoe. If you were worried about rain, these would be good to have. These are less comfortable than leather shoes, so practice wearing them for long periods before your trip.

Price Point $50


If you are looking for comfort and style, check out Vejas. They come in cloth and leather. I recommend the leather for a theme park as they won’t get dirty as quickly, and you can easily clean them later with a magic eraser. They offer different styles and are the perfect pair of women’s shoes.

Price Point: $150

You'll need the best shoes for women at Disney World when visiting Magic Kingdom


If you travel in the colder months, you are more limited in what you can wear. Luckily, tennis shoes work for each season. UGG is an excellent option for colder shoes, and I’m not suggesting the famous UGG boots.

UGG makes the most comfortable slip-on sneakers. I have three pairs at home! I’ve had them for years and love them. You can choose from different colors and styles. If I were visiting in the winter, I would pack these and my Brooks tennis shoes.UGG shoes are the best find for travel shoes.

Price point $110

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita sells cute and comfortable sneakers. You can choose between simple styles or fun, spunky designs. They have an extremely comfortable cushion as well. These shoes would be great for a long day at Walt Disney World.

Price Point: $125

A day at Hollywood Studios requires great walking shoes


On the lower price point, Skechers is a great option. Many of their shoes come with thick and sturdy soles. In addition, many of their styles also slip on, which is excellent for traveling, especially if going through security at the airport.  

If you are looking for a great shoe on the lower end, I can’t suggest Skechers enough. 

Price Point: $44

Skechers provide significant comfort for your feet

Hey Dude

Hey Dude is one of the latest trends in comfortable shoes. At first glance, they are a sporty gender-neutral option. Easy to slip on and comfortable, these are also an excellent option for a long day at Disney. My husband loves these shoes in warmer weather.

Also, Hey Dude’s price point is slightly below Skechers, so they are incredibly affordable and one of the best walking shoes. These are a great deal if you are on a tighter budget. 

Due to their slip-on design, I recommend walking in these for a few days before your trip. They are looser than the Skechers slip-on. 


If you have yet to try this brand, you should try it. My husband wears these flip flops and loves them. These sandals are on my bucket list for this summer. I plan on trying the Hila style for comfort and look, but I always love a good and comfortable flip-flop.

Regardless of your style, these shoes would support a long day at the parks, especially in warm weather. 

Price Point: $80-$100

What else to pack for Disney?

visiting Disney with family, you'll want comfortable shoes

Packing for Disney can be overwhelming. Everyone tells you something different, and spending too much money is easy. Below you will find the top items for a great Disney trip. If you have little ones using a stroller, you’ll have extra space to store items. 

comfortable shoes to wear around Walt Disney World

Visiting Disney: FAQs 

We know packing for Disney is complex and so can the planning. When considering which shoes to pack, other questions arise.

👟Should I wear nice shoes to Disney?

I would avoid nice shoes for several reasons. First, you are on your feet all day and need something comfortable. Sometimes, more stylish shoes aren’t as comfortable. Also, look at these shoes as travel shoes. You don’t want to mess up nice shoes. Save those nicer shoes for the next trip that’s not at Disney. 

Secondly, you’ll never know the elements. If you are in Florida in the summer, expect weather changes. It may rain, or you could step in food. You wouldn’t want something accidentally stepping on your nice shoes if you were in a crowd. Save them for another trip, or wear them after you leave the parks.

👟How many pairs of shoes should I bring on our trip?

Bring at least two good pairs of shoes for your time at Disney and whatever you need for non-Disney time, such as flip-flops or dress shoes, if going out for dinner. I suggest at least 2 for the park for variety and rain. You don’t want to walk too much in high heels, so you don’t have heel pain the next day at the park. 

If your shoes get soaked during a Florida summer pop-up shower, you’ll want a backup pair. Secondly, change your shoes if your feet hurt after a long day. 

good shoes to wear exploring Epcot

👟Do you have to wear closed-toe shoes?

There is no rule mandating closed-toe shoes. Some prefer it for hygiene purposes, but it is optional.

👟Can you bring in a book bag and snacks?

Although Disney is pricey, guests can pack snacks, water bottles, and backpacks. However, please remember that security will check through your bag, which may delay your entry into the park by a few minutes.

Luckily for guests, snacks, water, and book bags are allowed. I would pack some snacks high in protein when little ones and adults start to grow hungry. We’ve never packed full lunches, but many do to save time and money. 

Just remember the more you pack, the more you have to carry. Book bags can get heavy fast with snacks and water bottles. If you have a stroller, you can maximize the storage space to get the book bag lighter.

In Conclusion: Best Disney Shoes for Women

My recommendations provide the best options for your upcoming Disney World or Disneyland trip. Luckily, these shoes can be worn beyond the parks, so many would be an excellent investment. Disney is a magical place, and you want to be able to soak up everything; however, comfort is key!

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