Fascinating Maine Facts for Kids

Maine has a thriving culture and economy on the coast

Do your kids enjoy learning about the places they visit? Mine love all the unique facts about our destinations, and one of my sons loves to study flags & maps. We are that family who will binge on trivia about where we are about to visit. We love to learn all sorts of neat tidbits about our destination, so I hope you also find this interesting. 

Maine is a beautiful state to visit with kids, full of exciting and fun facts. Get excited to learn more about Maine.

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Fascinating Maine Facts for Kids

The collection of Maine tidbits ranges from fun, silly, and historical facts kids enjoy learning. 

cool facts about Maine

Snapshot of Maine Interesting facts

  • State animal: Moose 
  • State flower: White pinecone and tassel 
  • State bird: Black-capped chickadee 
  • State fish: landlocked salmon 
  • State berry: wild blueberry 
  • State insect: honeybee 
  • State song: State of Maine
  • Square Miles: 30,836.6
  • Population of Maine: 1.372 million
  • Nickname: The Pine Tree State 
  • Abbreviation: ME
  • Highest point: Mount Katahdin
  • Maine flag: In Maine’s early history as a state, the flag contained a pine tree from the days of being part of Massachusetts. In 1909, Maine adopted a new flag with a blue background and a coat of arms with a moose and pine tree. On either side of the coat stand a sailor and farmer representing Maine’s history. 
Maine's flag

Quirky Maine facts

  • Maine is the only one-syllable state 
  • Maine has over 4,600 islands. 
  • Maine has haunted lighthouses- oh my!
  • Maine is the easternmost state in the US.
  • Maine produces 90% of toothpicks in the US.
  • The coast of Maine is 228 miles and borders the Gulf of Maine. 
  • Every naval ship in the world could dock in Maine’s harbor simultaneously. 
  • Maine only borders New Hampshire, the only state with one border. 
  • The University of Maine is the largest college. Colby College, Bates College, and Bowdoin College are known as the Maine Big Three. 
  • Eastpoint, Maine, is the 1st city to see the sunrise every morning and the most eastern city in the United States.  
  • Maine is the third largest producer of maple syrup, behind Vermont and New York.
  • Maine produces roughly 100 million pounds of lobster each year.
  • No professional sports teams exist in Maine. 
  • Wildlife in Maine:
    • moose
    • black bears
    • white-tailed deer
    • golden eagles 
    • beaver
    • bobcat
    • gray wolf 
    • Canadian lynx
  • Four national parks in Maine

Maine food traditions

  • Traditional Foods- Blueberries, Lobster, Oysters, clambake, chowder
lobster roll near Acadia National Park
  • Maine’s Best Desserts- Whoopie pies are a favorite Maine dessert tradition. A scoop of cream is sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies. The cookies are cake-like. Also, any dessert made with blueberries is also a typical Maine dessert- for instance, blueberry pie.

Maine Activities

  • Best beach: Old Orchard Beach 
kid activities in Maine
  • Best Kid Activities in Winter
    • Hiking 
    • Skiing
    • cross country skiing
    • Snowmobiling 
    • snowshoeing
    • sledding
    • ice skating skating
    • Snow tubing 
    • fat tire biking


Before European arrival, indigenous populations inhabited Maine. For example, the Penobscot tribe was part of the Wabanaki Confederacy. 

They will eventually interact with the European settlers through the fur trade. In modern times, there are four federally recognized tribes in Maine. 

British settlers attempted to create a community in Maine in the early 1600s, but due to the harsh conditions, the settlers returned home to England. 

Maine was originally part of the British colony of Massachusetts Bay. Puritans moved to the colonies for the ability to practice their faith, and they created a thriving settlement.

colonial New England Map


Maine has been part of Massachusetts since the 1600s. As part of the Missouri Compromise in 1820, Maine entered the United States as the 23rd state. The country debated admitting Missouri as a slave state, so Maine entered as a free state (no enslaved people) as part of the Compromise.

New England

Maine is part of a region in the United States known as New England. It is the largest state in New England. It is called New England because British settlers created a community in the New World. 

Maine’s Capital

Augusta is the capital of Maine. Bangor & Portland are other large cities in Maine. Portland is the largest city in the state, followed by Lewiston and Bangor. Lewiston is a former textile city that is currently being revitalized. 

Augusta, Maine


Maine is the furthest state in the Northeast corner of the US. The northern boundary of the state borders two Canadian provinces. The east coast borders the Atlantic Ocean.


Maine lobster facts

When Americans think of Maine, lobsters almost always come to mind. This is because Maine produces more lobster meat than any other state in the US.

Lobstermen catch lobsters and can be men or women. However, you do have to have a special permit to participate in the industry. Lobstermen use traps with bait to catch lobsters; each trap is attached to a colorful buoy. 

The buoy design and colors signify who they are associated with. The traps are also known as lobster pots. There are rules on the size and weight of the lobsters you can keep and sell. 


Lighthouses are iconic sites in Maine, with many fun ones to visit. Maine boasts 65 lighthouses. Some are private, while others are open to the public.

The Portland Head Light is one of New England’s most famous lighthouses. During the American Revolution and before the lighthouse construction, eight soldiers guarded the Portland entryway to prevent British attacks. Eventually, the structure was built in 1791. 

Portland Head Light

If you like movies, the Marshall Point Lighthouse is part of Forrest Gump’s running across America scene. 

Some of the lighthouses have interesting ghost stories attached to them. For instance, Owls Head Lighthouse allegedly had ghosts visit rooms in the keeper’s house.


Native to Maine, blueberries are the state berry. Maine produces more wild blueberries than any other state in the US. They are usually picked in July and August. 

Blueberries are a vital part of Maine’s history; they even hold festivals around the fruit. Every August, the town of Machias holds a blueberry festival. If you are visiting, join the blueberry pie eating contest. Participants can be as young as 7!

Maine production of blueberries

Blueberry fun facts:

  • American Indians referred to the fruit as a star berry.
  • The colder winters help give the blueberry the dark blue hue. 
  • Maine blueberries are also known as low-brush. 
  • You can start picking them up as early as June.
  • Wild blueberries have more flavor!

Moose Facts

  • Outside of Alaska, Maine has one of the largest Moose populations in the United States. 
  • Dusk is the best time to spot them.
  • Mid-May thru July and fall is the most active time for moose sightings.
Moose facts

Ship building Industry

Bath, Maine, has a long history of shipbuilding. Starting in the 1700s, the community used abundant timber in the region to build ships and transitioned to steel ships in the mid-1800s.  By the end of the 1800s, Bath Iron Works developed boats for the US to use in the Spanish-American War. 

Bath Iron Works built 82 destroyers for the US Naval fleet in WWII, more than the Japanese fleet. What a remarkable fact! Today, the Bath Iron Works produces a variety of ships but most famously the AEGIS Destroyer. 

LL Bean Boot

LL Bean’s flagship store is in Freeport, Maine. You’ll find a 16-foot-tall rubber iconic LL Bean boot in the front of the store. The shoe size is 410!

FAQ: Maine

Why do people love Maine so much?

Maine is laid back and beautiful!

What is Maine known for?

Maine is known for lobsters, lighthouses, Acadia National Park, and fall foliage

fascinating  Maine facts for kids

Who are famous people born in Maine?

Milton Bradley, the founder of Milton Bradley games, was born in Maine in 1836. Battleship, Candy Land, and Operation are just a few games created by the Milton Bradley Company. 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Patrick Dempsey, Stephen King, and Joshua Chamberlain of the Union Army are a few more famous Americans from this great state.

In Conclusion: Fascinating Maine Facts for Kids

Maine is one of the most unique states in the United States. With a rich history, beautiful landscape, and delicious food, people of all ages can enjoy Maine.