The 17 Most Picturesque Waterfalls in Maine in 2024

Do you love visiting Maine and enjoy checking out scenic waterfalls? If so, read below on the 17 most picturesque waterfalls in Maine. 

17 most picturesque waterfalls in Maine

What are the most scenic waterfalls in Maine?

1. Angel Falls

Angel Falls is in Northwestern Maine in the White Mountains of Franklin County. This beautiful waterfall is roughly 90 feet of falling water.

Northwest Maine

If you enjoy hiking, there’s a 1.1-mile trail around the waterfall. The trail is roughly 33 minutes in length and is on the more accessible side. Since Angel Falls is a popular destination, expect other hikers and their pets, as the trail is dog-friendly. 

I suggest visiting in late spring thru early Fall. Remember, tourism in Maine picks up in the mid to late summer as New England students are out of school. 

While in the area, consider checking out Stratton, Maine which is about an hour north. Check out my post on 21 fun things to do in Stratton, Maine.

2. Moxie Falls

Moxie Falls makes our cut of the most scenic waterfalls in Maine, as it is one of the highest waterfalls in the state. This waterfall is also in NW, Maine, about 2.5 hours from Angel Falls. You can find this waterfall in the Forks, Maine. There is parking available. 

Moxie Falls, Maine

Hiking the falls is a possibility for most skill levels. However, if traveling with kids, this would be an easier route for older kids (8 and up).  It is roughly 2 miles roundtrip, and the trail is easy to find off the parking lot. The path to the top of the waterfall is approximately a mile.

Beware, this is very popular due to its availability to all skill levels, and it can be busy during the summer and weekends. Also, some swim at the top of the falls cautiously. Swim at your own risk. 

Moxie Falls, Maine

3. Dunn Falls

Dunn Falls is located NE of Andover, Maine, near the New Hampshire state line. This site is trendy, so plan accordingly. It can be busy on the weekends and has limited parking. However, you can pull off the side of the road to park.

The site is dog-friendly for travelers with pets, but you must have your furry friend on a leash. 

Dunn Falls, Maine

Dunn Falls is unique as it contains two separate falls- an upper and a lower fall. As a result, hiking to see Dunn Falls is a little more time intensive than the previous waterfalls, and it is a moderate path.

 Plan for at least 45 minutes to an hour to get to the top, and then you must return down the path. It is a total of 2.5 miles.

4. Step Falls

Step Falls Preserve is in Newby, Maine. This is the perfect destination for those looking for a short and easy hike. The path takes roughly 30 minutes for the 1.1-mile trail. 

The waterfall does not have a typical swimming hole at the bottom. Instead, there are multiple swimming pools. Visitors love this stop for swimming and sunbathing. 

Beware, this is a popular destination, especially on the weekends during warm weather.

5. Cascade Falls

This route is ideal for Maine beachgoers on the coast. In addition, it is a good stop for families with kids who want to visit Old Orchard Beach in Southeast Maine.

Maine beach

The trail to the falls is a short 0.3-mile walk with a small steep section. You may want to bring bug spray! 

Cascade Falls is also a popular destination for fishing and picnics. I suggest stopping here for a picnic lunch and a quick walk to a scenic waterfall.

6. Small Falls

The name does not accurately describe this scenic stop on your waterfall tour. This stop includes four waterfalls. If you visit after a recent storm, you will encounter a majestic scene of rushing water cascading down. 

Small Falls is located in NW, Maine, in an area known as West Central Franklin, Maine. While stopping here, you are close to Angel Falls (roughly 45 minutes). I would plan on visiting both!

This is the perfect stop for a short and easy hike. It is a ½ mile hike that takes around 10-11 minutes. Therefore, it would be ideal for young kids. 

You can swim at the falls but use caution as there are no lifeguards or supervision. Furthermore, swim at your own risk. 

7. Gulf Hagas Falls

If you are in the Bangor/Acadia area, consider visiting Gulf Hagas. It is a bit further northwest, clocking in at an hour and 45 minutes from Bangor. Greenville, ME, is one of the closest towns. 

Gulf Hagas is called the Grand Canyon of Maine, so that it will be worth the visit. The hiking trails are part of the Appalachian Trail Corridor. 

If you are interested in hiking this waterfall trail, it is considerably longer than the other options I suggested. The Gulf Hagas Rim Trail is 8 miles, so plan accordingly. 

As a fair warning, Gulf Hagas is in a remote area of Maine and further away from emergency personnel if needed. 

8. Grand Falls

If you are in the Bangor/Acadia area to see Gulf Hagas, consider visiting Grand Falls. It is about an hour NE of Bangor, Maine, in Eustis. 

Grand Falls near Bangor, Maine

During the warmer months, there is a relatively short path to the falls. It is roughly one mile and primarily easy, except for one steep part. 

If you enjoy photographing waterfalls, this one should be on your list. In particular, the Fall is a beautiful time to capture the changing leaves and waterfall together. 

fall in Maine

In the winter, some visitors use snowmobiles to explore the area and see the falls. If you love the cold weather, I recommend checking it out!

If you have time, I would consider checking out Millinocket, Maine. It is Maine’s “biggest small town” and only about 30 minutes away.

9. Mad River Falls

Mad River Falls is in Batchelders Grant, Maine. It is located on the western boundary and would be a good option if visiting New Hampshire. 

The falls are a pretty stop, but you cannot fish or swim at this location. However, you can hike the 1.6-mile route.

10. Rumford Falls

Rumford Falls is a unique spot to visit, directly off the road. However, many of these waterfalls require quite a bit of hiking, and this one is easily accessible. 

Want to know a fun fact about Rumford Falls? There is a Paul Bunyan statue greeting you at the falls. You will also find his ox, Blue, accompanies him. 

Rumford Falls is a little over an hour west of Augusta, ME.

Rumford waterfall near Augusta, Maine

11. Poplar Stream Falls

Poplar Stream Falls is about an hour and 40 minutes north of Augusta, ME. This scenic site offers two falls and can be accessed all year. In the winter, you would need snowshoes or skis. 

These falls are near the Sugarloaf Resort, a popular destination for skiers. In the warmer months, ski resorts offer different activities. Sugarloaf offers mountain biking, hiking, and zip lining, to name a few. I’d stay at the resort for a night if you are exploring Poplar Stream Falls.

Sugarloaf Resort, Maine

12. Screw Auger Falls

Screw Auger Falls is in Grafton Notch State Park in Newby, Maine. The trail to the falls is straightforward and short at 0.2 miles. I suggest this waterfall if traveling with kids or adults with mobility issues. 

Screw Auger Falls offers many swimming areas. As previously mentioned, swim at your own risk. Also, you are close to Step Falls if you want to see two on the same day.

Screw Auger Falls, Maine

13. Presumpscot Falls

Presumpscot Falls is in Falmouth, Maine. Similar to Screw Auger Falls, this is a quick route but a blend of manageable and moderate sections.

Besides hiking and swimming, this is a popular spot for fishing. There’s something for everyone here!

You are very close to Portland and use this as a ½ day excursion from Portland. However, if you are traveling with kids and looking for more kid-friendly activities, Portland offers a lot.

14. Snow Falls

Snow Falls is another kid-friendly waterfall trail near West Paris, Maine. This location has four unique waterfalls and mill ruins to explore. 

The trail is more manageable, and there are picnic tables if you pack a lunch.

Snow Falls, Maine

15. Swift River Falls

Swift River Falls is in Roxbury, Maine, about an hour from Lewiston (see below for my recommendations on where to stay). 

This waterfall is on the smaller side, and I suggest visiting it if you are in the area. Meanwhile, I would not recommend going out of my way to see this site. 

Swift River, Maine

16. Megunticook Falls

If you are visiting Camden, Maine, take advantage of Megunticook Falls. For instance, you will find picturesque falls within this quaint town. 

 Megunticook Falls in Camden, Maine

First, spend the day shopping and eating in Camden. Afterward, scroll behind Main Street, and you will find a pleasant surprise in these falls. Lastly, Camden is worth visiting if exploring Maine, so that I would add this to your list.

Of the 17 most picturesque waterfalls in Maine, this fall is one of the only ones in the center of a town.

17. Hadlock Falls

When visiting Acadia National Park, don’t forget to check out Hadlock Falls near one of the historic stone bridges built by the Rockefeller Family.

Acadia offers many possibilities if you enjoy hiking.

waterfalls near Acadia National Park, Maine

What is a good itinerary for visiting gorgeous waterfalls in Maine?

🔵Option 1-

If I only had a few days, I would fly into Portland and spend the night. Then, before you check into your hotel, I would grab a lobster roll and head to Cascade Falls. In addition, you could sneak in to visit Presumpscot Falls too. That night, you could explore Portland Head Light, a beautiful and historic lighthouse.

Portland Head Light, Maine

Then, I would drive to Bridgton or Lewiston in the morning for 1-2 nights. Using this as a base, you can explore Small Falls, Step Falls, Screw Auger Falls, Angel Falls, and Dunn Falls. 

This trip route is fantastic for seeing multiple waterfalls in a few days. You could also add in a stop to Stratton, Maine, to see even more of Maine’s majestic scenery.

🔵Option 2

Similar to option 1, I would fly into Portland and spend one day here (either on the front or back end). This allows you to check off Cascade Falls and see what Portland offers.

Then I would head north to Augusta. You can stay here for a night and explore the nearby falls. Next, pack a picnic lunch and head to Moxie Falls, an hour and 45 minutes north. I would also add a stop at Poplar Stream Falls and Rumford Falls. 

picturesque waterfalls near Augusta, Maine

🔵Option 3

Using Bangor as your base, I would check out Gulf Hagas, and Grand falls to see some of the waterfalls in Northern Maine. 

Since you are in Bangor, you could add a visit to Acadia National Park for a few days too. Hadlock Falls in Acadia is a beautiful site to visit. Acadia has a great selection of pet friendly- hotels and luxury options. Besides hiking and exploring Acadia, you can easily experience the local cuisine of Bar Harbor too.

waterfalls near Bangor, Maine

If you have the time, combine the Bangor and Portland trips for 3-4 nights. If not, Bangor has a smaller airport.

FAQ: Visiting Maine


How many waterfalls are in Maine?

In Maine, you will have over 360 waterfalls in this beautiful state.

What’s the tallest waterfall in Maine?

Moxie Falls

Which waterfalls have swimming holes?

🔵Gulf Hagas

🔵Small Falls

🔵Step Falls

🔵Screw Auger Falls

swimming holes in Maine

Which waterfalls are kid-friendly?

🔵 Snow Falls

🔵Presumpscot Falls

🔵Cascade Falls

What do I need on my waterfall tour?

I highly recommend tennis shoes or good walking shoes. Some of the trails are short & sweet, while others are more complex. Plan, so you are prepared!

You should pack a water bottle and snack if taking a longer route. I also recommend bug spray, especially if it has recently rained.

Lastly, remember your phone or camera. You will want to capture these majestic waterfalls in Maine to remember forever.

Maine Travel

Do I need a rental car?

I recommend renting a car as you will drive a fair amount from one waterfall to another. Also, many waterfalls are in small towns or right outside small towns. Therefore, you will need transportation.

If I am flying to Maine, what is the ideal airport?

I suggest flying into Portland, Maine, as your entry into your waterfall tour of Maine. Bangor is a smaller airport further north on the coast of Maine. You could also fly into Manchester, New Hampshire, and drive into Maine, but it may take longer. 

Portland, Maine

Flying into Boston is another option, but it requires a rental car. Boston is a 2-hour drive from Portland. On one trip, we flew into Boston and out of Portland, which is always an option.

Where should I stay?

If flying into Portland, stay here for a night or two as your base. Also, Portland is an excellent place to explore Cascade Falls. 

Are you interested in staying further up the coast? Then, I recommend Bangor or Augusta. You’ll find more housing options in larger towns. If staying in Augusta, you are about an hour and 45 minutes from Moxie Falls. The further you head into Maine, you will encounter not as much development. 

For travelers who prefer a quieter area, try Lewiston, Maine, and Bridgton, Maine, towns further inland. These towns would put you closer to some of the falls. For instance, Bridgton, Maine, is about an hour and 15 minutes from Dunn Falls. 

waterfalls near Lewiston, Maine

Lastly, Angel Falls is an hour and a half from Lewiston, ME, or Bridgton, ME.

What is the best time to visit Maine?

Summer and Early Fall are the busiest seasons in Maine. When visiting waterfalls, expect large crowds during those seasons and especially on nice weekends. In addition, late spring is always a good option, but monitor the weather as it can still be chilly. Fall would offer scenic views of the bright foliage. 

Also, a few waterfalls (Moxie Falls) are accessible in the winter if you have snow shoes. 

sightseeing Maine waterfalls in the winter

In Conclusion: The 17 Most Picturesque Waterfalls in Maine

Maine is known for more than just their delicious lobster rolls. During your next visit, carve out time to see these beauties- you won’t regret it.