Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to Do in Bridgton, Maine, 2024

mural in downtown Bridgton, Maine

I’ve always loved Maine, and recently I started to explore other parts of the state besides my favorite spots. On my last trip, I stumbled upon Bridgton’s small and charming community and was captivated by its cuteness. Please follow along for the best things to do in Bridgton, Maine.

As I explored the town, I knew it would make a great vacation destination for a family, couple, or individual looking to escape the stress of work and school. Bridgton calls itself a small town, big love. I so enjoyed exploring this community on a beautiful summer day and look forward to sharing my insight on why Bridgton is a great place to visit.

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Bridgton, Maine, Things to Do

Bridgton offers a little something for every type of visitor, with parks, lakes, golfing, and shopping. If you love the great outdoors, Bridgton is the perfect place to explore more of the great state of Maine.

Summer Activities

1. Visit a Lake

If you enjoy water sports or cruising on the lake, then you are at the right place. With proximity to several crystal blue lakes, you can spend the time swimming, tubing, skiing, kayaking, etc. Choose from Sebago Lake, Long Lake, or Highland Lake.

rent a jet ski on Sebago Lake- one of the best things to do in Bridgton, Maine

2. Pondicherry Park

Pondicherry Park is tucked behind downtown. Park at the community center and hop on one of the walking trails. You’ll walk under a covered bridge and continue to the park.

When I travel with my three kids, I’m always looking for a way for them to burn off some energy. Visiting a local park is always a great option.

Pondicherry Park

If you enjoying walking trails, consider checking out the majestic collection of waterfalls in Maine.

3. Moose Pond

Moose Pond is an excellent spot for those who love to fish and is a great place to relax.

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4. Bridgton Twin Drive-in

Just south of town on 302, you’ll discover an American pastime, the drive-in movie theater. Bridgton has two separate screens and shows popular and current movies to guests. After a day of exploring the region, grab some snacks and park your car!

catch a drive-in movie while visiting Bridgton

5. Highland Lake Beach

Outside of town, check out Highland Lake Beach for a picnic, swim, or play in the sand. You can also use public restrooms and grills if you plan on an afternoon cookout. You can always pick up some cookout supplies from the local Hannaford’s and have a fun afternoon on the lake while the kids swim. On busy days in the summer, there will be lifeguards too!

6. Bridgton Highlands Golf & Tennis Court

Looking for a golf course while visiting? Open to the public, Bridgton Highlands Country Club offers tee time for guests interested in playing golf. You’ll find 18 holes surrounded by scenic views of western Maine.

Winter Activities

7. Pleasant Mountain

 For travelers who love skiing and snowboarding, consider booking a trip in the winter. Pleasant Mountain operates seasonally and offers group and private lessons too. They even have programs for 2-3-year-olds interested in learning to ski!

Explore the Town of Bridgton

Bridgton is a small and quiet town outside of Portland. I visited on a beautiful summer day and was quickly drawn into the landscape. You will find various stores to poke your head into on Main Street.

8. Bridgton Historical Society

You’ll find a simple white building behind downtown that hosts the Bridgton Historical Society. Perfect for guests who enjoy the history of small towns and exhibits.

It is only open 10-2 on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Visit the Birdgton Historical Society Museum

9. Depot Street

Depot Street is off the main street in Bridgton, where you’ll find locally-owned shops and the community center. It is quite charming, and I enjoyed my morning stroll on Depot Street when I visited one June.

Browse the local shops on Depot Street

10. Bridgton Community Center

Right off the main drag, you’ll find the Bridgton Community Center, with a nice playground and a beautiful community garden. There’s also a large parking lot that gives you access to the movie theatre and shops. You can also park here at the Pondicherry Park.

Bridgton Community Center,

11. Black Horse Tavern

While in Bridgton, eat at a local favorite, Black Horse Tavern! It is open year around but closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

12. Rufus Porter Museum of Art

Located directly downtown, artist enthusiasts will find a small art museum. Named for the artist Rufus Porter, the museum honors his impact on folk art, research, and writing. Come check out the legacy of Rufus Porter, who made a tremendous impact on New England.

visiting the Rufus Porter Museum is one of the best things to do in Bridgton, Maine

13. Bridgton Books

If you love to read or browse old bookstores, then pop into Bridgton Books downtown. You’ll find a great collection of used books while supporting a local bookstore.

Bridgton Books is a staple in town

14. Magic Lantern Theater

The Magic Lantern Theater reflects a long history of movie-watching in Bridgton. When the previous building could no longer support a movie theater, the town decided to build a new site in the center of town. Today, the Magic Lantern offers movies and a restaurant.

Another interesting part of the facility was the addition of the Magic Lantern Innovation Center. Operated by Maine 4-H, it will offer programs in film, engineering, and culinary arts for the community.

Magic Lantern Tavern

Where to Stay in Bridgton, Maine

Since we are a family of five, we typically prefer rentals over hotels. We like the extra space and multiple bathrooms. Plus, having a kitchen is helpful when traveling with kids.

Mural in downtown Bridgton


When I start planning a trip, one of my first steps is to check out the availability of a rental property. Since bodies of water surround Bridgton, I’ll secure a rental with access to one of the lakes. 

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Highland Lake Resort

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FAQ: What to know when visiting Bridgton, Maine

best things to do in Bridgton, Maine

Directions to Bridgton, Maine?

You may ask yourself, how far is it from Portland, Maine? Bridgton is a little over an hour northwest of Portland and a beautiful drive. You can book a flight into Portland, hop in a rental car and be in Bridgton in no time at all.

Why visit Bridgton?

Sometimes it is nice to escape the hustle of a larger city like Portland. Also, these smaller New England tours aren’t as crowded in the summer compared to the oceanfront communities in Maine. Bridgton offers a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that guarantees a retreat from everyday stress.

a visit to Bridgton is worth it!

What’s the best time to visit?

The summer months offer amazing opportunities, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors. However, the fall months will grant views of fall foliage, while the winter months grant the possibility of skiing. The best time to visit depends on your goals as this wonderful community offers a wide range of recreational activities.

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In conclusion: the Best Things to Do in Bridgton, Maine

Bridgton, Maine, doesn’t draw the same attention as Kennebunkport, Acadia, or Portland. However, if you are looking for a relaxing retreat in the beautiful state of Maine, then check out Bridgton. I hope my ultimate guide to the best things to do in Bridgton, Maine, helps you plan your next great adventure.