The Best Vacation Rentals in 30A for Families

Looking for the perfect place for your next family vacation on 30A? I’m excited to share my expertise in the area after visiting for 15+ years with my family. We have stayed in numerous rental homes and condos all along Florida’s scenic highway. Follow along for my advice on the best vacation rentals in 30A for families.

For guests new to the region, 30A is a county road off Highway 98. Sandwiched between the larger communities of Destin and Panama City Beach, 30A has unique coastal communities and is the perfect place for the entire family. This region of the Gulf Coast boasts gorgeous sandy beaches, the natural beauty of local state parks, delicious local restaurants, and fun activities like kayaking and biking. 

My Top 3 Picks: Vacation Rentals in 30A for Families


✔️ large & spacious rentals
✔️ beautiful pool
✔️ quiet area


Rosemary Condo
✔️ in the heart of town
✔️ walking distance to beach & restaurants
✔️ beautiful community


Seacrest Beach condo
✔️ close to Rosemary
✔️ walking distance to Restaurants
✔️ active area of 30A

30A resort Adagio

30A Tips

The rental properties in most communities lie north and south of 30A. If you want easy access to the beach, you must reserve a property directly on the beach or within a short distance. When that summer sun peaks, you will want to walk only 15-20 minutes from the beach, lugging wet towels, chairs, beach toys, etc.


  • If traveling with little kids, book as close as possible to the beach OR find a rental with a shuttle or golf cart. Just make sure you can park the golf cart at the beach access.
  • As your kids age and can help carry beach items, you have more flexibility with the rental location. 
  • Some communities have an abundance of public beach access points, while others don’t, such as Rosemary and Alys, only have private beach access 
  • Book in advance!
  • Book chairs and umbrellas in advance if traveling in the peak summer season
  • Find the community that is the best fit for your needs. Some people love the crowds and to be in the center of activity, while others crave a quiet environment. For instance, Seaside’s town center is crowded during the high season, while Blue Mountain and Dune Allen tend to be quieter.

Your Beach Packing list

Vacation Homes on 30A

Researching rental homes in this region can be confusing if you are unfamiliar. Ideally, you want to be south of 30A because that is the beachside. Some rentals just north of 30A are within a short walk, while others are a bit further.

Since we travel with our three kids, I focus on staying as close to the beach as possible. We started bringing them as babies, so it was always imperative that we didn’t have long walks.

1. Adagio at Blue Mountain Beach

Adagio Condo in Blue Mountain Beach

⭐️ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars | Large Condos on the Beach | ✅ Check Availability 

Nestled in the heart of Blue Mountain Beach, you’ll discover a large complex of 7 buildings known as Adagio. After years of visiting 30A, our family has found our favorite place as it serves our needs. We typically travel with both sets of grandparents during our fall break, so we need at least four bedrooms.

Condos at Adagio offer either 3 or 4 bedrooms, and some 4-bedroom units transitioned the owner’s closet into a small bunk room. These condos cater to larger families or families traveling with friends. We’ve done both, and the condos hold two families very well. 

The condos are spacious, with large living rooms, several bathrooms, and balconies. Three buildings directly face the Gulf of Mexico, while the other four are within walking distance to the beach.

view from your Adagio condo

Your view of the Gulf from an Adagio Condo

The property boasts a beautiful heated pool with views of the ocean and a large and stunning pool towards the back of the property. There are grills and a workout room in common areas for guests to use. 


  • Significant stairs lead down to the beach, so I wouldn’t suggest Adagio if you or a family member have mobility issues. 
  • Many condo rentals come with bikes- try to find one with free bike rentals. 

Book your Adagio Condo NOW!

2. Rosemary Beach Condo

Rosemary Beach

⭐️ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars | beautiful condo | great location | ✅ Check Availability

Rosemary is one of the most popular destinations for guests on the Emerald Coast. Their stunning architecture is unmatched in the rest of the region. You could easily spend an afternoon exploring and admiring all the designs in the community. Even if you don’t stay here, you need to come for a visit. We stayed in this condo complex for a long vacation and absolutely loved it.

Besides the beautiful homes, we love the extensive options for restaurants. Our kids love browsing the books at Hidden Lantern Bookstore and grabbing ice cream at the Sugar Shak. Near the beach, there’s a large green area for kids to enjoy. Our boys brought footballs and spent an afternoon playing with other kids. 

We’ve stayed in a roomy condo in the heart of Rosemary once with the kids, my sisters, and my mom. My sisters grabbed coffee in the mornings at Charlie’s Cafe while my kids eagerly picked out their donut selection. We loved being in the center of town just by leaving our condo. 

While visiting 30A, check out some amazing day trips!

Rosemary Beach

In addition, our condo came with a few bike rentals so we spent our afternoons that winter break exploring all the different paths and streets lined with beautiful homes. Guests have access to all the Rosemary pools and several were heated during our February break

Rosemary is a fantastic option for someone who appreciates architecture, wants other activities besides the beach, and desires to be within walking distance of restaurants and stores. You could park your car on day one and never leave Rosemary. 

Pro-tip- the beach access requires a code given when you check-in. So if you aren’t staying here, it will be difficult to access the beach.  You are also close to Camp Helen State Park which is worth leaving Rosemary for ½ day. 

Downside: Rosemary is a bit more costly due to its popularity. Some of the homes require a great deal of walking. I suggest staying south of 30A if possible or in the town center. As for the beach, it was a bit of a walk. Guests either walk, ride bikes or push children in strollers/wagons.

Book your Rosemary Beach Condo NOW!

3. Seacrest Beachfront Condo

Book your Seacrest condo

⭐️ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars | Excellent Location on the Beach | ✅ Check Availability

For many years, our favorite spot was a condo in Seacrest. We love the close proximity to restaurants, ice cream, and Rosemary Beach. The condos are centrally located between Alys Beach and Rosemary, so a quick bike ride or walk brings you to these communities. 

We stayed here for several years and highly recommend it especially for the location. Our kids loved staying here because they could bike to ice cream and candy shops- living the dream and the best way to end a long day in the sun.

Condos in this complex come in 3 or 4-bedroom options. The overall complex is smaller than Adagio, and so is the pool. Beach access is easy, but there are some stairs. Once on the beach, you can walk to other communities and enjoy frozen drinks from Crabby Steve’s in Highpointe, a condo complex just a walk away. 

view from Seacrest condo

This can be your view from the Seacrest beach condo

If you desire Rosemary but not the prices, this is your community. You are next door and can easily access restaurants and shops without the Rosemary price tag. Also, Seacrest has a handful of restaurants. Our kids love Pizza by the Sea and the local ice cream joint here. 

Another perk of this beach is the proximity to Inlet Beach and the west side of Panama City. You are close to a very nice and large Publix. You are also very close to our favorite donut shops, the Donut Hole or Charlie’s Delights

visit The Donut Hole while vacationing on 30A

Downsides- I found these condos to be smaller than Adagio. Also, the beach area for guests who want to bring umbrellas and chairs is small. You also share the beachfront area with the sizeable Seacrest neighborhood across 30A so that it can get crowded. 

Book your Seacrest Condo NOW!

4. Seacrest Beach House

enjoy a beautiful sunset

⭐️ Rating: 4.9 out of 5 Stars | Rental with extra Space | great location | ✅ Check Availability

Beyond the beachfront condos, Seacrest offers condos and houses just north of 30A. Normally, I wouldn’t suggest staying north of 30A when traveling with little kids; however, this community runs a shuttle during the peak busy time. It takes guests directly to the beach access point, which makes this community attractive for guests with little kids.

If you have older kids, then you’ll love this community too. Besides the shuttle, many of the houses (especially those closest to 30A) are within a short walk to the beach and have plenty of space. Many rentals come with bikes and it is a common sight to see teens riding through Seacrest and Rosemary.

We’ve stayed in this community, and I love it for several reasons. Like the condo, you are exceptionally close to restaurants, ice cream, and Rosemary Beach, where you can enjoy their weekly farmer’s market. Also, the pool facilities are magnificent.

rent bikes while staying in Seacrest

Seacrest offers many bike rentals for guests

In addition, renting a house is much more spacious than condos. These Seacrest houses vary in size, but you will love having the extra space, especially if you have a more prominent family or travel with extended family or friends. It is also so helpful to be able to rinse off chairs and leave them outside of the rental instead of finding creative ways to store them in your condo. Outdoor space is one of the best aspects of a rental home.

Downside- you aren’t directly on the beach. Even with this detail, I think this neighborhood is a terrific option for the whole family.

Book your Seacrest Vacation Home NOW!

5. Watercolor Resort

Watercolor's gorgeous property

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars | Fantastic location in heart of Watercolor | ✅ Check Availability

Watercolor is a stunning neighborhood centrally located on 30A. I love Watercolor for many reasons. As a renter, you can choose between a condo or a house. The property is beautiful, with walking paths, lake views, and access to some of the most impressive amenities in the region. The Watercolor pool is fabulous; your kids will never want to leave.

Watercolor’s location is also ideal as it is adjacent to Seaside. Seaside’s crowds can be intense during the busy seasons of spring break and summer. Some love the energy of crowds, but others prefer a quiet retreat. Watercolor is ideal- you can opt-in for the crowds or stay in your serene retreat.

Watercolor's beautiful community

I highly suggest renting a condo in the Watercolor community. Located in a prime location, it is a short walk to the beach, pool, or Seaside. Kids can hop on their bikes and explore for hours. Although not on the beach, this condo is an an excellent location with easy access to the beach and perfect for a family.

Pro tip: Watercolor is a massive community. If you book a condo further away from the beach, look into a golf cart or bike rental.

Book your Watercolor Condo NOW!

6. Watercolor Inn & Resort

pool at Watercolor

⭐️ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars | Trip Advisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award | Check Availability

If you are heading to the beach for a few days, you may not want to mess with a rental. Watercolor Inn is an excellent option for families as it sits directly on the beach with a gorgeous pool.

We frequently visit Watercolor, as one of my favorite restaurants, Fish out of Water, is adjacent to the hotel. Watercolor Inn is your spot if you are looking for a quick and easy weekend retreat. You are within close walking distance to restaurants here and in neighboring Seaside. Also, you are in biking distance to Grayton Beach State Park.

Book your Watercolor Inn Vacation NOW!


Your view from the Watercolor Inn

In Conclusion: The Best Vacation Rentals in 30A for Families

I hope my guide to best beach rentals on 30A help you plan your next great adventure! Trust me- you will love 30A and will want to book a repeat vacation.

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