Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Chatham, MA, 2024

Chatham, MA

When you visit Cape Cod, there are so many adorable towns. Chatham is one of my favorite communities on the Cape and in New England. There are many tasty places to find the best breakfast in Chatham, MA. 

Chatham is located about two hours south of Boston and is near Harwich and Orleans if you have time to explore more of the Cape. Chatham is known for their breathtaking beaches, seals, and lighthouse. If you visit in the summer, carve out time for a sailing trip or a Chatham Anglers baseball game. 

While visiting, you will want to explore all the delectable breakfast options in the Chatham restaurants. From traditional fare to quirky twists, there’s truly something for every visitor. It is a great place to embark on a breakfast tour.

Looking for a quick & easy hotel recommendation?
Luxury- Chatham Bars Inn
Boutique- Greyfinch Inn
Moderate- Pleasant Bay Village Resort

find the best breakfast in Chatham, MA and then explore the lighthouse

Best Breakfast

Below is my guide to the best breakfast restaurants in Chatham, Cape Cod, that offer delicious and yummy breakfasts. As a side note, I included a few restaurants outside Chatham with great food. These Cape Cod towns are so close that reaching these places is not difficult. 

Chatham Filling Station

While we visited Chatham, I checked out as many restaurants as possible, and Chatham Filling Station was one of my favorite restaurants. I ordered a breakfast sandwich on Portuguese bread (delicious!), and my husband tried one of their bowls. The food was tasty, with great service.

I also found the interior quite charming, with hand-painted walls depicting the atmosphere of the Cape. For example, a mama shark driving her station wagon full of baby sharks to the beach. The history teacher in me was captivated by the designs on the wall. 

Chatham Filling Station is must do for a meal on the Cape

As a final note, they offer good food at reasonable prices. 

Chatham Cooks

Located in the heart of Chatham, this restaurant offers quick and easy pastries and meals. I picked up a few different pastries, and my favorite was this soft and delicious cinnamon twist. I wished I had bought two! This is the perfect spot for an easy breakfast to start the day. 

They are open in the morning till 2 pm and hold seasonal hours, so check if you visit in the winter. 

grab a delicious pastry at Chatham Cookware

Captain’s Table

Captain’s Table is a family-owned restaurant in the heart of town on Main Street. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner inside or outdoor seating. If you are looking for a classic Chatham restaurant, this is the best place to visit. 

Here you will find breakfast offered all day which is always a favorite in our family. Choose from breakfast burritos, sandwiches, eggs Benedict, and pancakes. Or, if you prefer more lunch options, there’s clam chowder, lobster bisque, fried shrimp, clams, and crab cakes. 

After breakfast, check out all the fun activities in Chatham!

The Bagel Dudes

Bagel Dudes in Chatham is a quick & easy breakfast

Our family loves bagels. It is always a quick and easy breakfast meal for adults and kids. If you have a busy day exploring Cape Cod and don’t want to sit for a longer meal, hop over to Bagel Dudes to grab a quick meal at great prices.

We needed something easy on one of our last mornings in Chatham, so I ran to Bagel Dudes. They offer the classics like poppy, sesame and some unique flavors such as sun-dried tomato and Jalapeno Cheddar. 

One nice perk of Bagel Dudes is their location in downtown Chatham. There’s more availability of parking in the morning plus less crowds. So grab a bagel, eat on their patio, and then stroll on Main Street before it gets too crowded. I was able to pick up some gifts for the kids after my bagel run. 

Bagel Dudes is a quick & easy breakfast to go

Red Cottage Restaurant

If you want to explore some of the communities west of Chatham, start your day at the Red Cottage Restaurant in South Dennis. This restaurant is in a quaint red house and has served the Cape community for decades. 

Their menu is expansive with early morning options. Ranging from omelets to pancakes, everyone will leave satisfied and full. There are Nutella pancakes or cinnamon bun french toast for the sweet tooth. Or, if you prefer a savory breakfast, you can’t go wrong with the lobster Benedict or a bowl of home fries topped with eggs. 

eggs benedict is one of the best breakfast in Chatham, MA

Sunbird Kitchen

Located in neighboring Orleans, Sunbird offers take-out options such as breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and coffee. If you want something lighter, pick up the yogurt and granola option.

While you are here, you can grab lunch for your day of exploring Chatham. They offer chicken salad sandwiches and salads to go for guests. 

Public Cafe

Public Cafe serves breakfast daily till 11. The Public Cafe is a great start to your day of shopping in downtown Chatham. Eat, shop, and then grab some yummy ice cream. Or Grab a meal here and then head over to Oyster Pond Beach for a few hours in the sun & water. 

As for the menu, they offer breakfast sandwiches, burritos, bagels, and omelets. It is one of the more limited menus as they focus more on lunch and dinner in their menus. 

grab a bagel to start your day

Stars at Chatham Bars Inn 

Chatham Bars Inn is a popular Cape resort with several outstanding dining options. If you are looking for a fine dining restaurant, you are at the right place. Stars offer a buffet option and an exquisite menu with lobster benedict or lobster & grits.

Don’t worry; you can still order traditional favorites like waffles, french toast, or a platter of pastries to share with the table.  I recommend making reservations in advance. 

Chatham Bars Inn

As a side note, if you are staying here, grab fresh fish or a lobster roll for lunch at the Beach House Grill, with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

So technically, Snowy Owl Coffee’s larger locations are not in Chatham, but they run an espresso bar on Main Street. At their Sandwich locations, the menu items are breakfast empanadas, pastries like zucchini bread, and coffee cake. 

FYI- Snowy Owl has locations in Sandwich & Brewster and weekend hours in Chatham spring thru the New Year. Their location offers pastries and coffee in the heart of Main Street behind Lily Pulitzer. It is the perfect place to grab a drink during your stroll through town. 

grab a cup of coffee in Chatham to start your day

Best Brunch

Hangar B

Hangar B is a unique addition to the Chatham restaurant scene as it is located in an airport hangar at the Chatham Airport.

Their menu offers traditional options like breakfast sandwiches, huevos rancheros, and eggs benedict. However, check out some unique items such as lemon ricotta pancakes, brioche bread pudding, french toast, and the red flannel hash. Hangar B Eatery offers gluten-free, vegan cinnamon pancakes and a vegetarian eggs benedict for those with dietary restrictions. 

Lastly, if you are like my husband and prefer a lunch menu, check out their turkey burger or Baja fish tacos. The restaurant is only open till 2 and closed on Tuesday, so please plan around those details to ensure you grab a delicious meal here. 

Hangar B

Lily’s Diner

If you are looking for a traditional early morning meal, then Lily’s Diner is your place! Start simple with eggs, toast, and a meat of your choice. Or choose a hearty omelet, quiche, and sandwich?

For guests with a sweet tooth, there are stacks of pancakes to choose from, as well as waffles and French toast. If you want lunch, there are many sandwich options and salads.

FAQ: Visiting Chatham

Chatham is a charming community in Cape Cod, MA

Who has outdoor dining?

Captain’s Table and Bagel Dude’s

Who offers great lunch in Chatham?

Chatham Bars Inn, Impudent Oyster, Del Mar Bar, Red Nun, Wild Goose Tavern, and the Chatham Squire

a great lunch spot in Chatham

Where should I stay in Chatham?

Chatham has a great collection of rental properties, hotels, and B & B&Bs. We recently visited and loved our stay at the Greyfinch Inn, but we really considered Pleasant Bay Village Resort too. We loved the location of Greyfinch as well as the nautical decor with crisp and clean rooms.

For guests seeking luxurious lodging, check out Chatham Bars Inn.

When is the best time to visit Chatham?

Chatham is enjoyable year around, but summer is their busy season as many vacation on the Cape, especially on the weekends. Expect larger crowds in July & August as New England schools end in mid-June. Traffic getting to the Cape will worsen too. 

Fall is also a gorgeous time to visit; winter is quieter but a nice retreat.

Visit Cape Cod

In Conclusion: Where to find the best Breakfast in Chatham, MA

I hope my guide to the best breakfast in Chatham, MA, helps you during your next trip to the Cape. Chatham is so charming that you’ll never want to leave. So book your trip NOW to start enjoying the dining scene here. Visiting the Cape is memorable and once you are there, you’ll start planning your next trip.

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