Best Shoes for Disney For Families (+ Most Comfortable)

Magic Kingdom, where you will want comfortable shoes

Disney World in Orlando is the most magical place. I was always skeptical of the hype until I took my kids there for the first time in 2016. We’ve now been five times plus a Disney cruise, so I’m officially a fan and know the best shoes for Disney.

Before you visit Minnie & Mickey, you must prepare your family to be comfortable. The days are fun, but you are always on your feet and need the perfect shoes. Plus, you’ll stand in line and walk a bit to get into the amusement parks and spend a fair amount of time walking there. I recommend packing two pairs of good, comfortable shoes for each family member. 

One last thing, wear the shoes before your trip. Don’t take a new pair of shoes to the parks without some use. You never know if they’ll give you blisters or if you need specific socks. Don’t wait until your big trip to find out the shoes aren’t a perfect fit.

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Top Shoes for the Happiest Place for Men, Women & Kids

Comfort is critical for every family member. If someone is miserable with foot pain, it will impact everyone’s trip. As a side note, it is a good idea to pack at least two pair of comfortable shoes in case it rains or your feet are drenched on the water rides. 

Below you’ll find my best recommendations for shoes for all ages for a magical trip to Walt Disney World. 


My favorite shoes for a Disney vacation is tennis-shoes. I have three active kids, and we tend to spend long days at the park. Also, I’m a school teacher and spend much time on my feet. I must wear shoes with great support, or my feet ache quickly.

Here are some of my favorite comfort shoes for a long day-


Brooks is my go-to shoe for any athletic activity as they are my most comfortable shoes and I want to avoid sore feet. At this point, I’ve had at least 5-6 pairs, if not more. I discovered them years ago and haven’t looked back.

Brooks can be pricey; however, Amazon sells discounted colors, and this is your best bet to save some money. I understand hesitation at the price point, but I promise you will not regret it. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, Brooks are the best option.

My favorite style is the Ghost. 

Price Point- $80-$150

Brooks are the most comfortable shoes for Disney World


As I mentioned earlier, I’m on my feet and can’t wear flip-flops for long periods, especially at the Disney theme parks. Over the years, I have spent a fair amount of money on shoes. I need comfortable and durable shoes that will last a while and can stand on my feet for long periods. When it is hot, I need a great option for a lot of walking. 

A few years ago, I stumbled upon a pair of leather Chaco sandals at one of my favorite outdoor stores,  Wander North Georgia. I prefer the Chaco Wayfarer, and it comes in several shades. I bought the rust color because I like wearing it with any color. 

These shoes aren’t affordable; however, I have had mine for three summers, and they are still in great shape. You most definitely get what you pay for, and it is well worth the investment. The Chaco Wayfarer is a good choice for a warm day at Disney World. 

Price point: roughly $100

Chaco recently designed a newer style called the Townes. It is very similar in style and comfort. It is also more readily available so I would give it a check out too.

Price Point: $110

Chaco also sells waterproof sandals for all ages. I recently bought a pair of the Classic Sandal for my summer activities with the kids. I had a pair of Chaco flip-flops that lasted over a decade. These shoes will hold up under any circumstance and are well worth the investment. Sometimes you can find discontinued colors at a discount.

Price Point: $80-$100

Chacos are one of the best shoes for Disney

Honorable Mention- Skechers Go Walk

Skechers are seen as some of the most comfortable shoes on the market right now. They are easy to slide on, come in many colors and appeal to adults with sensitive feet. 

Another perk of Skechers is the price point which is significantly lower than Brooks and Chacos. For instance, you can find them sporadically on Amazon for under $50. Not on sale, the price point is around $65 which is still cheaper than the other brands I recommended.

Skechers are one of the best shoes for Disney

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Brooks Tennis Shoes

My husband also loves Brooks tennis shoes. He tried them first and convinced me to give them a shot. He likes the more muted colors but wears them throughout his time at the parks.

Brooks shoes are incredibly comfortable and can help support your feet after a long day at the parks. My husband prefers to wear tennis shoes during almost all of our travels, and his favorites are Brooks right now. 

Price Point- $80-$150

Epcot is a fun place to visit but lots of walking

Hey Dude

Hey Dude shoes are one of the latest phenomena in comfort shoes. My husband loves these shoes, especially in the warmer months. These shoes would be great for a day at the park, especially if you were exploring Disney Springs. 

Made with a light fabric, the shoes easily slide on without shoe laces. There’s a moderate comfort level, and they could handle a long day at the parks.

One attractive part of the shoe brand is the affordability especially compared to name-brand tennis shoes. Lastly, the shoes come in designs for women as well.

Price Point $35-$60

New Balance

We recently went on a vacation where we would be on our feet lot and hiking some. My husband wanted a new pair of shoes as backup and decided to branch out with a new brand. 

He went with a classic New Balance tennis shoe in navy. He found them incredibly comfortable for a long day on his feet and would wear them at Disney World or any amusement park. 

Price Point: $60-$90

New Balance for men are comfortable sneakers for Disney


As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I have three active kids. Our two oldest are boys and constantly on the move and parents want happy feet to survive the Disney parks. Over the years, we’ve experimented with the best shoes for them. We naturally made some mistakes but also found some great options along the way.

Chef mickey's is a great place to visit in Disney World


You want a nice and easy shoe for your toddler that you can slide on. My boys, as toddlers, typically wore tennis shoes 90% of the time and then sandals when the weather was warmer.

Best Toddler Tennis Shoe- New Balance

For toddlers, New Balance is the absolute best tennis shoe. We love them for many reasons. First, my kids had wide feet as toddlers. I couldn’t buy cheaper shoes at Target or Walmart b/c their feet would NOT go into the shoes. 

Luckily, I discovered that New Balance sells wide and extra-wide shoes. They became our go-to until the boys’ feet changed, and we had more options. We still tend to purchase New Balance the majority of the time. 

Our absolute favorite New Balance for toddlers comes in styles for boys and girls. These shoes are highly durable, easy for kids to wear, and comfortable.

It is still worth it if you are in a pinch and must pay full price. If you have some time, browse the outlet store or watch Amazon. I probably bought most of the boys’ New Balances discounted on Amazon. 

Price Point: $35-$50

New Balance are the best shoes for Disney for kids

Best Toddler Sandal-Natives

Natives are an excellent shoe for toddlers and little kids on a Disney trip for a hot day. They go up to kid-size 6. My kids have worn these shoes for years. I love them for their comfort, easy clean-up, and they are waterproof with a rubber sole. They come in many different colors for boys & girls. 

Native shoes provide comfort for little feet at Disney World

On a hot day at the parks, these could be great shoes for little ones who sweat a lot. I suggest pairing Natives with a closed-toe shoe for your time in Disney World. 

If you visit the water parks, Natives are also the right shoes. Also, if the shoe dirties, you can scrub the dirt or marks off with a magic eraser. Natives also come in fun prints for adults.

Price Point: $30-$49

Native shoes provide comfort for little feet at Disney World

Best Kid Tennis Shoe- Under Armour & New Balance

Under Armour

Under Armour is a great and affordable tennis shoe for both boys and girls. I love the price point of these shoes, especially since Amazon runs deals and Under Armour has an online outlet store with discounted shoes.

These are easy to put on and light. Some tennis shoes are heavy with thick material. My boys sweat a lot and need lighter, breathable fabric shoes to keep their feet from becoming too hot.

Price Point: $30-$50

New Balance

New Balance is another excellent idea for school-aged kids. My boys are currently in a New Balance stage, and we have gone through several pairs in the elementary years. The prices are very fair and comparable.

They also come in fun prints and colors for girls too. My daughter also wears New Balance too, so they work for both genders.

Price Point: $35-$50

Best Kid Sandals- Multiple Brands

My boys love tennis shoes, while my daughter is the opposite. We’ve experimented a fair amount trying to find comfortable sandals for her to wear for long periods. 


Besides natives in youth sizes, Keens a great sandal option for kids. When my boys were toddlers, they wore these throughout the summer. 

Keens give great support and are easy to clean in the washing machine. They come with a thick rubber sole and hold up well for another child to wear or even resale after your trip (but you won’t because your child will love them!).

Price Point: $60

Keens are a fantastic shoe for exploring Walt Disney World


On the other hand, my boys recently discovered Crocs. They wore them as toddlers due to wide feet and then moved to Natives. Lately, the older elementary and middle school-aged kids are favoring Crocs.

Crocs can be a little pricey, so check Amazon or Target sells knock-offs too. Crocs are awkward, so make sure your kids like them before a day in the parks. 

Price Point: $35

Crocs are favorites of kids

What else to pack for Disney?

I know the first time we went to Disney, I didn’t know what to expect. I asked friends and read blogs to figure out what we needed. As we continued to visit, I learned what was necessary and what was a waste to carry around.

Magic Kingdom at night is beautiful but you'll need great shoes to make it through the day

FAQ:  Visiting  Disney World

👟Do you need sneakers for Disney World?

Sneakers are NOT required but are always a safe bet when visiting theme parks. You will not regret wearing tennis shoes.

👟What are the best shoes for Disney in the summer?

Tennis shoes or comfortable sandals

👟 Is it ok to wear Crocs to Disney World?

Yes, but remember there have been some issues with Crocs and escalators. Contemporary Resort has escalators and the People Mover ride in Magic Kingdom.

👟Are closed-toe shoes required?


👟Can you bring in snacks and pre-made lunches?

Yes, you can bring in snacks, water bottles, and pre-made lunches. When you enter the parks, everything is checked through security, and you are responsible for carrying all the items around. 

It is an excellent way to save money since the park tickets are expensive, but remember you must carry them all day.

If you have a stroller, packing snacks and water bottles is easy. FYI- many Disney buses require you to condense your stroller to enter the bus.

👟Can you carry a book bag to the parks?

Yes, you can bring in a book bag. Just remember you have to carry it all day unless you have a stroller you can hold it in for a break. Book bags are an excellent tool for snacks but don’t overload them and make them too heavy.

In Conclusion: The Shoes You need for Disney World

 You want to relax and unwind in the hotel room instead of soaking sore feet at the end of a long day. Wearing good shoes over long distances will aid in your enjoyment of your vacation. I hope my list of the best shoes for Disney for all ages has helped you plan your fantastic trip to Magic Kingdom.

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