Keukenhof Gardens

The Ultimate Guide to Bike Rentals at Keukenhof Gardens

Are you planning a visit to Keukenhof Gardens and interested in bike rentals? Great news—you’ve come to the right place. We just returned from the most magical trip to the gardens, where we spent a beautiful afternoon bike riding.

If you aren’t from the area or Holland, trying to figure out the bike rental process may be overwhelming. Where is the rental location? Can you rent children’s bikes or child seats? It can be confusing to navigate this process, especially since you can’t rent the bikes in the gardens.

I’m excited to share my expertise on renting bikes near the tulip fields in Lisse to help you plan a memorable experience and tour of the most beautiful flower fields. 

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biking through Lisse

Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens is southwest of Amsterdam and roughly a 40-minute drive. In the spring, it is the premier destination for guests and locals as thousands flock to the gardens to see vibrant flowers in gorgeous arrangements. 

The gardens were a highlight of our recent trip to Amsterdam. We spent hours meandering through the garden, stopping to take pictures and soak in the beauty. 

After our time in the gardens, we biked through the region to see the fields of flowers. You can also stop at tulip farms such as Tulip Farm de Tulperij. Biking grants guests a completely different view of the flower region and one of the best ways to experience the bulb region. 

beautiful flower fields in Keukenhof Gardens

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Renting a bike is one of the scenic ways to see the most beautiful tulip fields. Tour companies can drive through the area, but it is different. With bike riding, you have an up-close encounter and can stop along the way. You can have ample opportunities for photos or stop at a tulip farm. 

Outside of the main entrance of Keukenhof Gardens, you’ll see bike rental options. The rental location is next to the parking lot and an easy walk. Plan a few minutes to wait in line and fittings for the right bike. The kiosk will provide a map of 3 color coordinated routes. 

We rented in advance since it was going to be Easter weekend. They did have extra bikes, but I still suggest booking in advance to ensure you have a rental, especially if you need a specialty item like a child’s seat, tandem bike, or cargo bike. 

beautiful fields

You can also bring your bike. We noticed many cars and tiny campers with their bikes. The route starts directly on the road in front of the gardens, so you can hop on the path from the parking area. You’ll notice some bring electric bicycles to see all the routes.

We loved our stay at the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam if you are looking for great hotel with easy access to the metro and with clean and crisp hotel rooms.


  • Book a bike in advance if visiting on a busy weekend or around Easter.
  • Bring a jacket in case it is windy!
  • Pack sunscreen 
  • Bring a snack if you plan on a longer trip or plan to stop for lunch in town. 
  • Be mindful of the cars on the road. We found ourselves on some narrow roads.
  • When you make a reservation, make sure you pick a time slot that gives you plenty of time in the gardens.
  • When you leave the gardens, they will stamp your hand so you can return. Don’t forget this step if you want to shop and eat after bike riding.
  • Once you choose your route, follow the signs along the road to help you stay on track and avoid getting lost. There are small posts identifying which way to turn to help you stay on the route.
  • try to go in the middle of the week so there are fewer tourists
biking through the tulip countryside

If you want another fun adventure, book a canal tour of Amsterdam!

Bike Rental Options

There are several options for bike rentals, either from local companies or by joining an organized tour. Our family opted to rent from Rent-a-bike-Van Dam outside the entrance. I highly suggest Bike Van Dam.

Rent-a-bike-Van Dam

First, the location is ideal and easy to find. You walk straight out of the park and head towards the parking lot close to the road (away from the buses). They have so many great options for all ages and ability levels. In addition, they have a large stock of bikes (over 500!). 

If traveling with kids, you can add a child’s seat to a tandem bike or cargo bike. A child’s seat is ideal for toddlers. For kids 4-6, I suggest a cargo bike. Our 6-year-old rode comfortably in the cargo bike (there’s a seat belt), which fits two kids. 

Dutch cargo bike is ideally for kids

A tandem bike would be ideal for 6-8-year-olds nervous about riding on the road alone. We had two 9-year-olds with us that did great on children’s bicycles.

Their prices are reasonable, and you can add a helmet for a small fee. Other rental accessories include a bike bag, a cell phone holder or a child trailer to attach to your bike. You can rent for a half or whole day.

½ day 

  • €11 for 3 hours for a regular bike 
  • €25 for 3 hours for a cargo or tandem bikes 

Full day

  • €16 for a regular bike 
  • €30 for a tandem or cargo bike

Small Group Bicycle Tour

tulips fields in Holland

⭐️ Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars | Guided Bike Tour | ✅ Check availability

If you don’t want to mess with exploring independently or the idea is overwhelming, there’s a guided bike tour perfect for you! Let a guide take care of all the stress of renting bikes and mapping out the different routes. I’ve researched for you and found the best option for bicycle tours to see the tulip fields of Holland. 

A cycling tour is the best way to see the beautiful bulb fields in a relaxed way. Your trusty local guide will take care of all the logistics and guide you through a stunning tulip route. 

Out of all the tours, this is one of the best ways to enjoy tulip season. The tour starts at the Rent-a-Bike Van Dam, where you will meet your guide. The small group tour lasts for three hours and includes several stops for photo ops and a visit to the Tulip Experience Amsterdam.

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Bike Rentals at Keukenhof Gardens

When to Visit Keukenhof Park 

The flowers bloom from late March to early May. We visited in late March, and the gardens displayed stunning exhibitions. However, the tulip fields outside the gardens primarily consisted of daffodils and hyacinths. 

Mid to late April is a better time to see the tulip fields that line the streets of the Lisse region. Check out my detailed guide on the best time to visit.

The Ultimate Guide to Bike Rentals at Keukenhof Gardens

How to get to Keukenhof Gardens

Arriving at Keukenhof is relatively easy, and there are several transportation options. You can easily rent a car and drive yourself. There’s an express bus, or you can even join a private tour.

  • Drive- It is roughly 35 kilometers from Amsterdam. When you arrive, there is plenty of parking space near the entrance so you won’t have to walk far. Plan on arriving early as many do drive. You will need to purchase an entrance ticket.

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  • Keukenhof express bus—We chose this option, which I found straightforward and convenient. You pick up a bus at RAI (there are several options) in Amsterdam for a roundtrip ride. This option is called the combo ticket because your admission covers the transportation and Keukenhof entrance ticket. You can stay in the gardens for as long as you desire, walk out of the park, and return to your departure bus. Take the right bus home (pay attention to the signs). I highly recommend this option. 

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  • Organized tours- You can choose from tours focusing mainly on Keukenhof or tours including other stops. This tour includes Keukenhof and windmills at Zaanse Schans.

FAQ: Visiting Keukenhof Gardens

🌷Can you ride bikes within the gardens?

No, you aren’t allowed to ride the bikes within the garden property.

🌷Do you people wear helmets?

You’ll notice a mixture of people wearing helmets. We made our children wear helmets.

🌷Can you ride your bike from Amsterdam to Keukenhof?

Yes, it is roughly 35 kilometers away.

🌷Do you have to pay to for entry in Keukenhof Gardens?

Yes, you need a ticket.

In Conclusion: The Ultimate Guide to Bike Rentals at Keukenhof Gardens

I hope my guide to bike rentals in Keukenhof Gardens helps you plan your next great adventure.

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