21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine, 2023

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

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Stratton, Maine, is a quaint village in Northwestern Maine. But you aren’t too far from New Hampshire or Canada! Although the area is more remote, there are plenty of exciting activities.

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21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine, 2023

The village of Stratton offers many sightseeing options and can be a base to explore this region of Maine for nature lovers.

1. Exploring Sugarloaf Mountain Resort

This resort is one of the most popular sites in NW, Maine. Although Sugarloaf Mountain Resort is known for its winter sports, I highly recommend checking out its summer activities, such as hiking, biking, and ziplining in warmer months. It offers lots of fun for guests of all ages. 

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

You could stay at here for a night or 2 to take full advantage of its family activities or use it as a base to explore all that Stratton, Maine, offers.

2. Coplin Dinner House

Although Stratton, Maine, is a smaller community, the area has some delicious options, like the Coplin Dinner House. The restaurant is a restored old farmhouse painted white in the Carrabassett Valley. Even if you don’t stop for a meal, it is a picturesque stop for a cute photo. 

The restaurant also features a pub, Tigerlily, that offers a more casual feel for visitors.

3. Camping at Cathedral Pines Campground

The campsites at Cathedral Pines are spacious with clean bathrooms. In addition, you’ll find a rec space, picnic tables, laundry facilities, and a playground. 

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

The campground is located near Flagstaff Lake, and some campers will luck out with waterfront sites.

4. Golfing at Sugarloaf Resort

For the golf enthusiast, check out the course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Keep in mind these golf courses are open seasonally and book ahead if visiting in a busy season. 

While golfing, you’ll take in the scenic views of the Carrabassett Valley.

Carrabassett Valley golfing

5. Sunday River Golf Club

If you enjoy golfing on vacation, consider another course; however, it is a bit further away. Sunday River Golf Club is roughly 2 hours southwest of Stratton. 

Sunday River offers more than just golfing. In the winter, the club provides skiing, snowboarding, and Snowshoeing. In the warm summer months, you can golf, enjoy scenic lift rides and explore all the resort offers in shopping and dining. 

You could do a 1-2 day excursion from Stratton and spend a night here to soak up everything the Sunday River Golf Club offers in Newby, Maine. 

6. Dinner at Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins

Plan a meal at the Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins. The menu looks delicious, and it is a quaint Maine setting you will surely enjoy!

Stratton, Maine

7. Saddleback Mountain 

Are you looking for fun outdoor activities? Then head south to Saddleback Mountain! In the summer, you can choose from fishing, swimming, ATVing, birding and lake cruises.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, add Saddleback Mountain to your list of stops during your tour of Stratton, Maine. It is about an hour south of Stratton and would be an excellent addition. 

Stratton, Maine summer

Free Things To Do In Stratton, Maine

Stratton, Maine, offers so many fun and free options on top of being a great place. If traveling on a limited budget, add these ideas to your bucket list. Luckily, NW Maine is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and this list provides an easy way to experience a lot of fun for free. 

Hiking trails are plentiful and for each skill level. 

8. Small Falls

This waterfall is 40 minutes south of Stratton and includes four waterfalls. If you visit after a recent storm, you will encounter a majestic scene of rushing water cascading down. 

While stopping here, you are close to Angel Falls (roughly 45 minutes). I would plan on visiting both!

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

This is the perfect stop for a short and easy hike. It is a ½ mile hike that takes around 10-11 minutes. Therefore, it would be ideal for young kids. 

You can swim at the falls but use caution as there are no lifeguards or supervision. Swim at your own risk.

9.  Angel Falls

This beautiful waterfall is roughly 90 feet of falling water. It is about an hour SW of Stratton and worth the drive. 

21 things to do in Stratton, Maine

If you enjoy hiking, there’s a 1.1-mile trail around the waterfall. The path is roughly 33 minutes in length and is on the more accessible side. Since Angel Falls is a popular destination, expect other hikers and their pets, as the trail is dog-friendly. 

Consider checking out other waterfalls in Maine too.

10. Hiking the Bigelow Trail

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

For a dedicated hiker, Bigelow Trail offers a strenuous yet beautiful hike. This is not a hike for beginners; it is a little over 16 miles.

11. Flagstaff Lake

Flagstaff Lake is a fun option for those who love being on the water, especially since Stratton is far from the coast. You can swim, boat, and fish on the 4th largest lake in Maine.

Flagstaff Lake, Maine

Now, Flagstaff Lake is also known for the drowned ghost town at the bottom of the lake. The lake is a man-man lake from the 1950s in which small towns flooded for hydroelectric power. 

Many homes and local buildings were either demolished or moved before the flooding, but not all. As a result, mysteries surround the remaining houses.

12. Rangeley Lake

Rangeley Lake is another option for water sports lovers. Located about 40 minutes SW of Stratton, Rangeley Lake offers many fun activities for all ages. For example, visitors will find hiking trails, fishing, and canoeing. The lake is also known for its abundance of salmon and trout!

Rangeley Lake, Maine

⛺⛺Stop by the Rangeley Lake State Park to learn more about this beautiful destination. The state park offers 50 campsites too and you can book one HERE. ⛺⛺

13. Bigelow Preserve

Bigelow Preserve is a site worth checking out. The Preserve sits on 36,000 acres of public land; there’s a little bit of everything for those who enjoy the outdoors.

Bigelow Trail, Maine

14. Bigelow Fields

Interested in a bison farm in New England? You can drive by and view a modern-day bison farm in Maine. Their farm store is open on Saturdays, but check their current hours to be safe.

 Stratton, Maine,

15. Scenic drive on Route 27

Do you enjoy long scenic car drives? If so, hop on Route 27 south out of Stratton and head to the Carrabassett Valley to see the beautiful sites of NW Maine.

Rangeley, Maine

16. Rangeley Lakes National Scenic Byway

Rangeley Lakes is a scenic stop if you are spending some time in Stratton. I recommend starting on state route 17 north of Byron. The byway will eventually take you to state route 16 and provide beautiful lake views. 

Stay on state route 16 and head to Small Falls for an epic waterfall view.

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

17. Moose Spotting

Head southwest towards Rangeley to see these majestic animals. Dawn or dusk are the best times of the day to increase the likelihood of spotting a moose. Don’t forget to have your phone or camera ready to snap a picture.

21 best things to do in Stratton, Maine

Visiting Stratton: FAQs

Stratton, Maine, is a unique destination in Maine as many visitors gravitate to the coast. Although the coast is beautiful, Stratton is worth a visit. Read below for frequently asked questions.

What are some things to do in Stratton in winter?

Stratton, Maine, is fun for those who love winter activities and sports. Hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and checking out waterfalls are just a few ideas.

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

18. Skiing at Sugar Mountain Resort

Sugar Mountain resort is a top destination for skiing in Maine. You can stay at the resort to ease the travel with ski gear. You can choose between traditional skiing and cross-country skiing. The resort has the largest Nordic center in Maine.

skiing in Stratton, Maine

19. Fat Biking at Sugar Mountain Resort

If you enjoy biking, consider checking out the Fat Biking options at the resort. The Nordic center offers many trails but check the weather and conditions beforehand.

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

20. Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling is another classic winter activity available in Stratton, Maine. A local club maintains the trails for visitors to enjoy all winter season. Head over to Flagstaff Rentals to schedule a memory you’ll never forget.

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

21. Winter Activities at Sunday River Golf Club

Sunday River Golf Club offers many skiing routes for the avid skier in your family. However, there are so many fun activities beyond skiing. For instance, they provide Sno-Go Ski bikes. As part of the activity, there is a 90-minute lesson, and then you can rent the bikes for a ½ day or full day. 

In addition, there’s ice skating and night skiing on a lit trail with thousands of lights in the trees. These activities make it worth stopping by the Sunday River Golf Club.

What are some things to do in Stratton at night?

21 Best Things To Do In Stratton, Maine,

Many of Stratton’s activities are daytime oriented, but some are nighttime activities.

✔️Moose Spotting at dusk 

✔️Dinner at the Tea Pond Lodge & Cabin

✔️night skiing at Sunday River Golf Club 

✔️smores & a campfire at one of the state Parks or campgrounds 

✔️viewing the Northern Lights while at Rangeley Lakes (best time is August-October)

How long should you spend in Stratton?

If I visited Maine for a week, I would carve out a few days to explore Stratton, Maine. The area provides so many opportunities to see nature at its finest. I recommend 2-3 days here. 

You could easily bundle it with a trip to Portland, Maine. Fly into Portland, stay a few days, and head north to Stratton. The drive is about 2 hours and 45 minutes. 

Portland, Maine

While in Portland, don’t forget to try Maine’s signature dish- a lobster roll.

Another option would be bundling a few days in Stratton, Maine, with a stop in Augusta, Maine. 

Augusta, Maine

As a side note, Fall in Maine is gorgeous. So a few days in NW Maine would be worth the visit to see beautiful and colorful fall foliage. 

Stratton, Maine Accommodations

If you want to explore Stratton, Maine, I recommend staying here for a few nights. Due to its location, there are only a few large hotels available. Instead, you will find campgrounds, small motels, and ski resorts- a little something for everyone. 

21 things to do in Stratton, Maine

✔️Mountain View Motel & Campground

The Mountain View Motel is an excellent suggestion for travelers on a tight budget. The hotel is close to many outdoor activities and a quick drive to Sugarloaf.

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

One nice perk of these rooms is that kitchens are included in many of the rooms. Having a kitchen can reduce travel costs if on a tighter budget. In addition, there are campsites and a fire pit area. 

This motel only has ten rooms, so please book in advance if traveling during a busy season.

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✔️Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins

Consider checking out this adorable lodge if you want to step up from a motel. You can rent individual cabins on a quaint pond.

In addition, Tea Pond offers a restaurant with a delicious menu and fun cocktails. 

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

✔️ Sugarloaf Resort

Since Sugarloaf Resort offers many activities, it would be a great lodging option. This resort provides a variety of lodging needs. You can find anything from a one-bedroom suite to a 4-5 bedroom condo.

21 Best things to do in Stratton, Maine

I love this option for its proximity to Stratton, the amenities at Sugarloaf, and the multiple options for housing.

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Conclusion: 21 Things To Do In Stratton, Maine

I hope you’ve enjoyed my suggestions on how to explore Stratton, Maine. This community in NW Maine offers a little something for everyone each season. I highly recommend spending a few days here exploring the quaint towns, lakes, ski resorts, and scenery.

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