27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine, 2024 

Welcome to Maine’s biggest small town, also known as Millinocket. The town’s name is an American Indian term meaning “the land of many islands” and is a great place to explore. Maine is one of my favorite all-time destinations for a vacation as I’ve spent extensive time exploring this beautiful state. I’m excited to share the best things to do in Millinocket, Maine.

Fun Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

Millinocket is located in Central Maine, about an hour north of Bangor. This small town of roughly 4,000 people is the entrance to the great outdoors of Northern Maine. So if you love the outdoors, add Millinocket to your bucket list.

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27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

1. Mount Katahdin

Known as the World’s Best Hike by National Geographic, Mount Katahdin is a must-see while visiting Millinocket. Nicknamed the “Great Mountain” by the Penobscot tribe, it is Maine’s tallest mountain. It is also the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. 

Mount Katahdin, Maine

The Mount Katahdin trailhead is strenuous and could take 8-12 hours. Therefore, I suggest a different route for a novice hiker. 

Even if you do not enjoy hiking, a stop here is a must stop in Millinocket, Maine. 

Lastly, Mount Katahdin is part of Baxter State Park. Check out their website for trail maps and routes. 

Mount Kahatdin, Maine

2. Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is a new addition to the National Park Service. Currently, there is no fee to enter the park. Once inside the park, there are many options to explore the area. You can fish, ski, bike, and hike.

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine, 2023

3. Baxter State Park

Beyond Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park has much to offer and is one of the best places in Millinocket. There are over 200 miles of trails varying in difficulty. They stretch from moderate to very strenuous. 

Baxter State Park also offers swimming and canoeing. In addition, Baxter State Park offers camping. I would recommend booking a campsite ahead of time.

Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine

4. Millinocket Lake

Millinocket Lake is a beautiful site you must add to your trip if visiting the area. The lake provides a beautiful view of Mount Katahdin. 

Millinocket Lake, Maine

The lake offers many activities. It is perfect for canoeing and kayaking on a warm summer day. In addition, there are several beaches for swimming you can reach via boat. Check out the New England Outdoor Center if you want to rent equipment for your visit.

5. Snowmobiling

Explore the great outdoors on a snowmobile tour. The tour is a fun and exhilarating way to see a classic Maine winter. ½ day and full-day tours are available, or you can schedule a guided tour.

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

6. Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country skiing is another traditional Maine winter activity. In the areas surrounding Millinocket, there are several options.

27 best things to do in Millinocket, Maine

🎿 New England Outdoor Center has 16 miles of trails. Some of the routes provide winter views of Mount Katahdin.

🎿Ski the Katahdin Woods & Waters– you can ski here for free but need your ski equipment. No rentals are available. The park offers 25 miles of path. You’ll need to enter the North Gate. There’s currently no fee to enter the park.

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7. Snowshoeing

Throughout Central Maine, there are many trails available for snowshoeing. The New England Outdoor Center has routes, or you can choose local areas such as bail Hole Recreation Trails. Bait Hole provides several options that vary in length and even have a course that limits wind exposure during high wind conditions.

8. Dog sledding

Are you looking for an authentic winter activity in Maine? Consider booking a dog sledding trip to take in a crisp winter day. 

27 best things to do in Millinocket, Maine, in 2023.

Some dog sledding options are far from the house, so I recommend doing this only if you have several days or plan on staying in Portland, Maine, for a few days. Check out the Ultimate Dog Sledding Experience.

9. River Pond Nature Trail

The River Pond Nature Trail is a network of many trails in the Millinocket area. The most popular route is a 4.6 loop that provides scenic views of Mount Katahdin. However, you can choose a shorter course if needed. For instance, the Tenderfoot Trail is a much quicker option.

10. Aerial tour

27 best things to do in Millinocket, Maine,

Katahdin Air Service offers aerial tours of Mount Katahdin in seaplanes. They offer 30-minute, one-hour, or three-hour tour options. The tours can also include sights of Baxter State Park and the Penobscot River.

11. Golf

Hillcrest Golf is a 9-hole course in the center of Millinocket. Check the website to confirm availability, as it operates seasonally.

golfing in Millinocket, Maine

12. ATV

Millinocket has a vast network of ATV trails. You can explore the area using the Katahdin Region Multi-Use Trail. Take time to read up on the ATV rules before you head to Millinocket.

13. Whitewater rafting

If visiting in the summer, consider booking a whitewater rafting trip on the Penobscot River. The New England Outdoor Center offers three different trips to choose from. 

whitewater rafting Penobscot River, Millinocket, Maine

Two tours are full-day and require participants to be at least 15. Luckily, a ½ day option allows for younger participants—plan on booking in advance.

14. Visit Ice Caves

Located south of Baxter State Park, the Debsconeag Ice Caves are a unique stop for those who love hiking. Icebergs created ice caves many years ago. 

This hike is strenuous, and pets are not allowed. Sometimes, the path is narrow, and you will lower into the caves on rebar ladders. However, you may be able to see the ice well into the spring months. Overall, the route is rated as moderate.

15. Biking

Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine

In the warmer months, biking through the parks of Millinocket is a great way to explore. Baxter State Park also offers mountain biking trails. Below are some places that have biking trails.

16. Canoeing

Some state parks allow canoeing, but I suggest Moose Woods Guide Services if you prefer someone else to organize your activity. They will arrange a canoe trail to explore the waterways in North Maine Woods. In addition, they offer trips that range from a few days to many days.

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

17. Camping

Baxter State Park offer several camping possibilities. They have primitive campsites, lean-tos, bunkhouses, and cabins. The campsites don’t provide bathrooms, only outhouses, FYI. If you want a few more services, consider a bunkhouse or cabin. As a side note, the cabins range in size. 

Camping in Baxter State Park, Maine

For those who love to travel with their furry friends, pets are not allowed while camping.

18. Moose Tour

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

Nahmakanta Lake Wilderness Camps offer organized moose tours to visitors in Millinocket. You can choose between self-guided and guided tours based on your preference. You’ll hike and possibly canoe to be in the natural habitat during the tour. This is a great way to see local wildlife. 

19. Swimming

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine, 2023

There are a handful of swimming options near Millinocket, Maine. On Lake Millinocket, two sandy beaches are ideal for swimming in the summer months. Swimming at Nahmakanta Public Reserved Land is another option for visitors.

In addition, there’s a pool operated by the city of Millinocket.

20. Ambajejus Lake

Ambajejus Lake is part of the Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes, Maine’s 5th largest lake system. Ambajejus is a recreational playground for visitors who enjoy boating, fishing, and kayaking. Elbow Lake is also part of the chain system. The lakes are one of the many fun things to do in the summer. 

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

21. Skydiving

For the most adventurous visitor to Millinocket, think about a skydiving trip. Jump & Raft is located in Millinocket and offers white water rafting and camping trips. You can choose between yurts, bunkhouses, and campsites. 

27 Best Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

You could build out several activities with just one company, reducing the planning time.

22. Wildlife Tour

The New England Outdoor Center offers wildlife tours to visitors. The tours are approximately 3 hours, and you choose between a morning or afternoon tour. 

The tours are available from mid-May to mid-October and are very reasonable in price. You can sightsee in luxury pontoon boats on Millinocket Lake or in air-conditioned vans. Click here to book an amazing tour.

What are the Best hiking Trails in Millinocket, Maine, in 2023?

hiking in Millinocket, Maine

23. Chimney Pond Trail

A moderate trail, Chimney Pond Trail is a little over 6 miles. Plan on allocating 3.5 hours to complete the course. The route is popular with visitors, especially in late spring-early fall. FYI- no dogs are allowed.

24. Bait Hole Loop Trail

An easier route than the Chimney Pond Trail, this route is over an hour. The path goes around Elbow Lake, and you’ll sometimes catch scenic views of Mount Katahdin.

25. Katahdin Falls via Hunt Trail

Katahdin Falls is a more accessible route part of Baxter State Park. The trail is 2.3 miles and will take over an hour to complete. Like the Chimney Pond Trail, the route is popular, especially in late spring and early fall. FYI- no dogs are allowed.

Baxter State Park, Maine

26. Mount Katahdin via Hamlin Ridge

This route is also in Baxter State Park but is a significantly more strenuous route than the Hunt Trail option above. The course is 11.2 miles, so plan accordingly in your day so you have enough time.

A parking pass is required to park at the trailheads in Baxter State Park.

Mount Katahdin, Maine

27. Michael Michaud Trail

The Michael Michaud Trail is a stroll along the Millinocket Stream. The paved path is perfect for a walk with a stroller or kids on bikes or scooters. The trail is a kid-friendly destination and an excellent way to burn off energy. 

Additionally, pets are allowed, and the trail is snow plowed during the winter!

FAQ: Places To Stay In Millinocket, Maine

Millinocket is Maine’s favorite small town, so many hotels are charming and motel-sized. Staying in Millinocket is a gateway to exploring the beauty of Maine.

Millinocket, Maine

✔️Baxter Park Inn

If you work with a tighter budget and travel during the busy summer, consider booking a room at the Baxter Park Inn. The prices increase in the active summer months and early fall. 

Baxter Park Inn is a quaint and simple hotel in Millinocket, Maine. The inn is a nice size with 48 rooms and an indoor pool. You can bring your furry friend for a small additional fee for those traveling with pets.

Finally, the inn’s location is a nice perk as it is within walking distance of several local restaurants and pubs.


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✔️ 5 Lakes Lodge

Just 7 miles west of Millinocket, you will discover the charming 5 Lakes Lodge. Sitting on the South Twin Lake, you will experience picturesque views daily. 

On top of its scenic location, the 5 Lakes Lodge also serves as a B & B. Every morning, the Lodge serves a hot and delicious breakfast. After breakfast, you are situated in the perfect location to explore the great outdoors of Maine. 

In addition, the Lodge offers individual rooms or a two-bedroom loft. My favorite perk of the hotel is the option to purchase a s’mores kit to enjoy after a long day of exploring. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to stay here.

Visiting Millinocket: FAQs

Read below if you have more questions about the 27 best things to do in Millinocket, Maine.

What are some things to do in Millinocket in winter?

winter in Maine

Millinocket, Maine, offers many winter activities for those who love winter sports. Spending a few days here in the winter would perfectly capture all the traditional Maine winter activities.


❄️Cross Country Skiing

❄️New England Outdoor Center

❄️Katahdin Woods and Waters


❄️Dog sledding

What are some things to do in Millinocket at night?

sunset at Baxter State Park, Millinocket, Maine

Millinocket is a small town and can be quieter at night, but don’t count it out. After a long day of exploring, you may want a relaxing night at a local restaurant or pub or even relax by a campfire. Below are some suggestions to wind down at night.

How long should you spend in Millinocket?

Regardless of the season, I recommend at least three days in Millinocket. With so many beautiful natural wonders, you will not want to rush yourselves. You will want enough time to check out the 27 best things to do in Millinocket, Maine.

You can fly into Bangor or even Portland. While in the area, consider checking out some of Maine’s most picturesque waterfalls or explore Bar Harbor. Adding a few days in Bar Harbor is the perfect way wrap up a visit to Millinocket.

Maine is the perfect destination for a summer vacation, and Millinocket is a great place to spend a few days.

27 Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine

A Final Thought: 27 Things To Do In Millinocket, Maine, 2024

Millinocket is the perfect destination for adventure lovers and avid outdoorsmen. Between skiing, camping, canoeing, and hiking, you will not get bored visiting this gem in NE Maine between skiing, camping, canoeing, and hiking.

If you are considering a trip to the great outdoors to Maine, I would not miss out on seeing this town as it a great experience. It is well worth a visit in any season. Add this to your Maine bucket list, and you will not regret it!

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