Spend an Exciting Spring Break in 30A

Looking for help planning your next spring break vacation to 30A? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Luckily, I have spent the last 15 years visiting and exploring this beautiful stretch of white sand beaches. I’m excited to share my expertise with you as you plan your next great adventure.

Spring break on 30A is the epitome of family-friendly vacation bliss, where sugar-white sands meet turquoise waters, creating a coastal haven for relaxation and adventure. Nestled along Florida’s scenic Highway 30A, this idyllic stretch of coastline is renowned for its charming beach communities, each offering a unique blend of coastal charm and family-friendly activities. 

From building sandcastles on pristine beaches to exploring vibrant seaside towns, a spring break getaway on 30A promises memorable moments for families seeking sun-soaked relaxation and endless coastal fun. Join us as we share our family’s favorite activities to help you plan a memorable spring break on 30A.

gorgeous beaches of the Emerald Coast

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Your Beach Packing list

Spring Break Tips

Spring weather varies greatly. You may luck out with 80-degree weather, or you could end up enjoying the beach in sweatshirts. Usually, the weather gets into the 70s and warmer by May, but pay attention to the weather and pack layers. I’ve spent many spring break vacations on the Emerald Coast and have seen all the different types of weather.

30A is a popular spot for visitors due to the gorgeous beaches, beautiful vacation homes, and local seafood. It is a great place for the entire family. From little kids to high schoolers, the whole family is guaranteed to have a wonderful time.  

Pro tip- pack layers and plan some non-water activities for those cooler days.


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30A Weather


  • Average highs- 70’s
  • Average lows- 50’s


  • Average highs- high 70’s (does get into the 80’s)
  • Average lows- low 60’s


  • Average highs- 80’s
  • Average lows- 60’s

30A Month by Month

One nice perk of a spring vacation is the weather. You also can avoid hurricane season, which tends to be more of a concern for guests on their fall break. 



March is a typical month for spring break visitors. Besides k-12 schools, most colleges offer a week off in March, so you may encounter college-aged students. Usually, they tend to gravitate to more extensive beaches like Panama City.

Of all the spring months, March is the coolest. The weather has started to warm, but the water may still be chilly. I would pack layers and plan for non-water activities, especially if your rental has no heated pool.

Pro tip- check out this guide for the most visited weeks in Spring.


April is similar to March when spring breakers hit the beach. We live in Georgia, and most of our school systems take a break the 1st week of April. If you aren’t tied to a particular week, I would advise avoiding the first two weeks of April and aiming for the 2nd half of the month.

The likelihood of warmer weather increases in April, which is a nice perk.


I suggest traveling in May if you aren’t limited to a particular week. First, the weather is pristine and the emerald waters heat up. You are likelier to experience warm days that aren’t as hot as the summer months. Also, rates can drop slightly after the spring break rush before spiking for the high summer season.

Visit Rosemary Beach

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30A Spring activities

In the spring months, there are several special events unique to this region.

Great 30A Easter Race

Every Easter weekend, the Rotorhead 30A Company hosts the Great 30A Easter Race at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Participants can choose between 3 race options.

  • Clean Feet 5K course- is a race on a paved pathway, perfect for those who prefer a traditional race, are working on a PR time, or are families with strollers.
  • Dirty Feet 10K course- is a blend of running on paved paths, trails, and the beach!
  • Stinky Feet 10K- is a race for runners who want a 10K but on a paved course (the Clean Feet course repeated)
Topsail Hill

Seabreeze Jazz Festival

Every April, neighboring Panama City Beach hosts their annual Seabreeze Jazz Festival. Concerts are held at Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater, and guests enjoy four full days of concerts. 

Tip- These tickets sell out quickly, so plan accordingly. The nicer ticket packages sell out months before the actual event.

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SeaLight Festival

The SeaLight festival is a fully immersive activity for guests of all ages. The walk-through experience introduces guests to the beauty of Chinese lanterns. You can find this special event at Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach, FL, during February and March.

Chinese Lanterns on 30A

30A Activities

30A is a popular spot for visitors due to the gorgeous beaches, beautiful vacation homes, and local seafood. It is a great place for the entire family. Everyone, from little kids to teens, is guaranteed to have a wonderful time.  


I grew up vacationing in Florida’s Panhandle. Nothing compares to the crystal clear water of 30A outside of the Caribbean. On the East Coast, many beaches are murky, and you can’t even see your feet. If you vacation with kids, you must worry about strong currents and waves.

visit 30A

Florida’s gulf beaches can be rough if there’s a storm, but on a calm day, the water is smooth and perfect for little kids. On some vacations, my kids frolicked in tide pools, and we’ve been able to float and relax in the water.

As a warning, there are rip tides, so please teach your children what to do. Click HERE for a quick lesson.

Day Trips

If you desire an exciting day trip, consider booking a ½ day or full-day excursion. There’s kayaking, snorkeling, boat rentals to Shell Island, Crab Island, or a sunset cruise. Tours are a great opportunity for quality time with family or friends. 

You can schedule a beach bonfire at night, which is fun for a large group. 

fun excursions from 30A


Bike paths connect all the coastal communities along 30A. If you fly or don’t want to mess with packing bikes, don’t worry! Numerous bike rentals are available throughout the area, and many condos come with a few bikes. 

Biking on 30A is one of our favorite activities, especially when we need a break from the water. Our kids love biking to pick up ice cream. For instance, Blue Mountain Creamery in Blue Mountain Beach and Sugar Shak in Rosemary Beach are their two favorite places, so they come highly recommended by our ice cream expert kids. 

biking on 30A is a fun way to enjoy your spring vacation

State Parks

On my first trip to 30A, my husband and I explored Grayton Beach State Park. We were amazed by the natural beauty of South Walton beyond the beaches. Over the years, our excursions have expanded to include Camp Helen State Park, Topsail, and Point Washington State Forest.

These stunning state parks provide a great escape for guests looking for a little adventure and a fun way to explore the region. 

Grayton Beach State Park

Fresh Seafood

I highly recommend Goatfeather’s if you want to cook fresh seafood. We’ve bought fresh seafood from this local institution for over a decade. They have several locations in 30A- Santa Rosa Beach, Seagrove, and Inlet Beach.

30A also has a fantastic selection of local restaurants with fresh seafood.

visit Goatfeathers Seafood Market


For shopping enthusiasts, you’ll want to explore quaint Seaside and some of the shops in Watercolor and Rosemary. Many guests can’t wait to take one of Seaside’s iconic sweatshirts or tee shirts home. It is one of the most popular souvenirs for guests to 30A.

shop and dine in Rosemary Beach

FAQ: Visiting 30A

☀️How to get to 30A?

Reaching the Panhandle offers flexibility, depending on your starting point, whether you opt for a road trip or a flight. Though small, the nearest airport in Panama City exudes a pleasant atmosphere and is easy to navigate – a firsthand experience, as I’ve personally picked up and dropped off family there. Alternatively, the Destin-Fort Walton Beach airport is another flying option, albeit far away. 

If you choose to drive, strategic planning around traffic is advisable, especially on weekdays when many travelers pass through major hubs like Atlanta, Birmingham, or even Montgomery. 

Pro tip- Remember that part of your journey may lead you through charming country roads, so plan bathroom breaks and meals before embarking on your adventure – a practical tip you’ll appreciate along the way!

☀️Are there any downsides to Spring?

As mentioned previously, the weather can be unpredictable. Also, rental rates increase as the weather warms, so you will notice rates are much higher than fall. We love fall due to the lower crowds and rental rates.

blue Mountain Creamery

☀️Is the water warm?

The water is warming, but it can still be chilly, especially in March. You will likely see warmer water in late April and into May.

☀️Why is 30a so popular? 

30A boasts vibrant communities, stunning beaches, scenic bike trails, charming small shops, and delectable restaurants. What sets it apart from other Gulf of Mexico beach communities is the absence of crowded shorelines dominated by towering resorts. The natural beauty and unique charm of the surroundings are emphasized here, offering a more intimate and laid-back coastal experience.

☀️What are the best local restaurants?

Among the fantastic dining options on 30A, here’s a sampling of my favorites: Bud & Alley’s, Red Bar, the Great Southern Café, George’s, Basmati’s, and Pescado. These establishments stand out as must-visit destinations.

If you love breakfast like I do, the region has amazing breakfast options too. This is a great way to start your day before spending a day relaxing on the beach.

Remember to check out the best ice cream places on 30A, which is the perfect way to end a beach day.

In Conclusion: Spend an Exciting Spring Break in 30A

I hope my Spring Break in 30A guide helps you plan your next great adventure. 30A is one of my favorite vacation destinations and I hope you love it as I do.

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