Thrills and Chills: Best Snow Tubing in Maine

snow tubing in Maine

Maine transforms into a mesmerizing winter wonderland as the days grow shorter, and temperatures plummet. While this picturesque state is renowned for its stunning landscapes, it takes on a unique charm when blanketed in a thick layer of glistening white powder, perfect for snow tubing in Maine.  

And what better way to embrace the season’s magic than by embarking on an exhilarating snow tubing adventure with the whole family? Whether you’re a seasoned winter enthusiast or a newbie seeking the thrill of the slopes, Maine’s snow tubing destinations offer an unforgettable experience that combines breathtaking scenery with pure, unadulterated fun.

tubing lanes in a Maine ski resort

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the heart of winter in Maine, where snow-covered mountains and lush forests become the backdrop for an adrenaline-pumping, laughter-filled activity. We’ll explore the best snow tubing spots in the state, from the towering peaks of western Maine to the enchanting woods of the midcoast region. 

So, bundle up, grab your tube, and get ready to slide down slopes, twist and turn through frosted trails, and discover why snow tubing in Maine is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

❄️Snow Tubing Shopping Guide❄️

Maine Snow Tubing

Amid Maine’s snow-covered landscapes, snow tubing emerges as one of the great places to experience the true essence of winter. From the rugged mountains of Sunday River to the charming hills of Seacoast Adventure, these snow tubing parks offer heart-pounding thrills and a chance to connect with the season’s beauty. 

Camden Snow Bowl is a terrific place to try snow tubing

Camden Snow Bowl

Located in the idyllic town of Camden, the Camden Snow Bowl is one of the best places for snow tubing in Maine. The tubing hill typically opens in January unless they receive significant snow earlier. If interested, you can also ski here too.

Bradbury Mountain

In some winter seasons, L.L. Bean partners with Bradbury State Park to offer snow tubing to visitors. L.L. Bean usually hosts this event on the weekends in January and February and provides the equipment. It is one of the best ways to enjoy free snow tubing (minus a park fee).

BigRock Mountain

Located in Northeast Maine, BigRock Mountain offers an 800 ft tubing park for guests to enjoy. What a great way to experience the thrill of snow tubing!

Here are a few requirements: you must be 42 inches, 5 years or older, and complete a waiver. Tubing sessions are two hours long and only available on Saturday and Sunday. Book in advance!

Try tubing- a fun winter sport in Maine

Lost Valley Ski 

Lost Valley is known for its beginner ski slopes, but on the weekends, they also offer snow tubing at the Maine Family Snow Tube Park. The sessions run for an hour during the day, starting at 10 a.m. 

If you want to make a long weekend out of it, they also have Nordic skiing and downhill skiing. Also, explore Auburn, Maine, a beautiful community near Lewiston. Pop in for a quick bite to eat and to take a break from skiing. 

New Hermon Mountain

If you are visiting the Bangor area, New Hermon is a short drive west of town. At New Hermon, your ticket includes a two hour tubing session and tube for their amazing 600 foot U-shaped route. You will also need to sign a waiver.  

After a day on the snow, check out some of Bangor’s best restaurants or head north to see everything Millinocket offers for an outdoor enthusiast.

Mt. Jefferson Ski Resort

Located about an hour north of Bangor, Maine, you will discover Mt. Jefferson Ski Resort. This resort offers snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding. Check out their Facebook page; they offer fun theme days and night tubing.

winter activities in Maine

Seacoast Adventure

Seacoast offers snow tubing starting in late December. Sessions run on the weekend, and they are open Friday. They are also open on holidays and school vacation weeks. This is a terrific activity if you are visiting Portland with kids.

There are some guidelines for participants. You must be at least 40 inches tall. You cannot hold a young child in your lap. Children between 40-47 inches will use a small tube and go down the hill with an adult. Once a child reaches 48 inches, they purchase a single ticket for a regular-size adult tube.

Black Mountain of Maine

Black Mountain offers snow tubing on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the Edge Tubing Park. Tickets include a tube and no time limit for guests! This is a great deal!

At Black Mountain, there’s an age requirement of 5 years old and 42 inches.

Check out Camden Snow Bowl

Snow Tubing Tips

  • Plan as tickets may sell out. Many of these ski resorts offer limited tickets, so purchase your tubing passes in advance if possible. 
  • ​You need your own tube. 
  • Wear layers! Long underwear is always a great idea.
  • You will want waterproof pants, shoes, gloves, etc. 
  • Wear sunscreen!

Looking to experience Christmas festivities in Maine? Check out Kennebunkport or Ogunquit for a magical time.

FAQ: Best Snow Tubing in Maine

❄️Is snow tubing safe for kids?

Absolutely! Snow tubing is a fun and exciting adventure for all ages. 

❄️Where can I ski in Maine & the rest of New England?

Camden Snow Bowl, Black Mountain Ski Resort in New Hampshire, Sugarloaf, and Mt. Jefferson Ski Resort are a few options. 

Many places offer ski school lessons, cross-country skiing, and night skiing.

❄️Can you wear jeans tubing?

Remember, snow is wet and will quickly soak through jeans. Ideally, I would wear snow pants to keep you warm and dry. 

❄️Do you need a helmet for snow tubing?

Protecting your head is always a good idea, so I recommend wearing a helmet. 

🎄🎄Dreaming of a white Christmas? Consider spending the holidays in one of Maine’s festive towns, Ogunquit. 🎄🎄

In Conclusion: Thrills and Chills: Best Snow Tubing in Maine

So, as you plan your next winter getaway, remember that snow tubing in Maine isn’t just a fun activity; it’s an invitation to create lasting memories and embrace the joys of winter in these remarkable places for winter activities. 

Whether you’re racing down the slopes with friends or savoring the tranquility of a snowy forest trail, Maine’s snow tubing spots promise an adventure like no other. I hope my guide has helped you plan your next great adventure. 

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